How to hookup in Taipei


Taipei is the biggest and most known city in Taiwan, but a lot of people overlook the place. It is a great place to hangout. Especially if you want to meet sexy Taiwanese women who even rival the Japanese girls in attractiveness. That doesn’t mean you can just show up and start bagging women. You need to get off on the right foot. But if you want to know how and where to hookup in Taiwan, you’ve come to right place.

It really isn’t difficult to hook up in Taipei, as this guide will show. We are going to tell you everything you need to know. You’ll find out where to meet good girls, club girls, and even freelance prostitutes. We’ll also tell you what to expect in the various pickup locations in Taipei, as well as filling you in on the strength of day game in this city.

Hookup in Taipei

Taipei is basically a modern East Asian city that is situated somewhere between Hong Kong and Tokyo. A lot of people in Taiwan admire Japan, and that comes through in everything you see. It also means there is a sort of straightforward attitude among a lot of people. You won’t be approached when you’re just sitting around. It’s not like Ho Chi Minh City where girls will just come up to you asking to talk or practice their English. You have to make all the effort.

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Taipei is not a bad place to try out your day game. Many women speak English in Taipei, so you don’t have to worry as much about the language barrier. With a little time and effort, you can get a lot of numbers. The main thing is being able to meet the women. A lot of women in Taipei dedicate the majority of their time to working. So the chances of you meeting a woman and dating her on the same day are pretty low. You need some time and the ability to schedule in advance without getting born if you want to have success with this method.

Clubs and bars in Taipei

Carnegie’s Taipei is the most well-known pick-up bar for foreign guys and local women in all of Taipei. Because of that everyone knows what to expect. But there can also be a little wear and tear. Some people get burnt out on foreigners in these kinds of places. Then again, they are always good spots for meeting foreigner-chasers who are obsessed with guys from outside of the country.

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There are paid women who dance on the bars at Carnegie’s, but it’s not a go go bar. You find a mix of men and women inside. If you strike out with the regular women, there are usually some freelance prostitutes in the mix too. You won’t leave Carnegie’s with a dry dick unless you want to.

Elektro and Omni are good clubs to meet hot Taiwanese chicks with great bodies if you are young, handsome, and capable. There are also a lot of nightclubs and bars around Taipei 101. They are favored by the younger crowd ranging from nineteen and up. This is a good place to go if you want to have a lot of options. You are as likely to meet Taiwanese women as you are foreign expats and tourists here.

Online dating in Taipei

Without a doubt, online dating is the best option for meeting women in Taipei. It is going to give you the best return for your time and energy by far. You might walk around all day trying to pick up women and only get a handful of numbers. Or you could spend a whole night hitting clubs and end up with a single chick. If you spend the same amount of time on a dating site like Asian Match Mate, you are end up with all sorts of leads.

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Also, dating sites let you filter through the women. You already start out with a field of women you know are interested in foreigners. So you’re already ahead of the game. Then you can remove the women who are too old, too young, too fat, or too whatever for your tastes. You’re left with the cream of the crop, and that’s where you start sending messages.

It is nothing to get in contact with twenty Taiwanese women with just a day or two or work on online dating sites. Then you can get comfortable with them and be set up for dating when you actually get on the ground in Taipei. You always have fall backs too. Taipei has all kinds of options for a guaranteed orgasm including happy ending massage and even a handful of sex saunas. It’s a great place for a guy to be!

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