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Guide to sex saunas in Taipei


Sex saunas in Taipei aren’t very well known outside of Taiwan. It’s not like mainland China or Macau with all the famous sex saunas. Sure, there aren’t as many sex saunas in Taipei. But how many sex saunas does a man need? After all, we only have one penis.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about sex saunas in Taipei. We will tell you what they are called, where they are located, and how much they charge. We will also tell you about the women inside these clubs, and what you can expect when you go.

Sex saunas in Taipei

Sex saunas in Taipei are what they sound like. These are sauna clubs set up for men. Of course, they do have full sauna facilities inside. So you can go for a steam or take a dip in a swimming pool. But you can also get sex from a Taiwanese woman inside.

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There are really only two main sex saunas in Taipei. They are:

  • Caesarworld Sauna
  • Jin Nian Hua Sauna

Both of these places are located right in Taipei City. They are easy to find as long as you know where you are going. Next, we are going to explain exactly how these places operate. If you decide to go to a sex sauna in Taipei, you will know what to expect inside.

Caesarworld Sauna

Some people say Caesarworld is like a secret sex club. They have a big sign for the place on a main street. How could that be secret? Everyone knows about Caesarworld. It has even been in the news a couple of times.

Caesarworld Sauna is located on the fifteenth floor of the Momo Department Store. To get to the sauna, you just find the elevators inside. Then you hit the button for the fifteenth floor. When the doors open, you’ll be at the entrance to the sauna. There’s nothing else on the floor.

You go to the front desk and get a bracelet with a key. Use that key to open a locker in the changing room. Put your things inside, then take a shower and enjoy the facilities. There are swimming pools, massage rooms, and a full restaurant. When you’re in the restaurant, you’ll be approached by the mamasan in charge of the full service massage. She’ll ask you if you want a special massage for $4200 New Taiwan Dollars.

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If you say yes you’ll go through a revolving wall down a bunch of hallways. Eventually you’ll end up in a big dark massage room. A sexy Taiwanese milf with a good body will then come in and get naked. She’ll give you a shower. Then she’ll lick you from head to toe, including your ass. Then she’ll give you a blowjob and full sex with a condom. On the way out, you have to pay your bill at the front desk. Just give them your arm band and they’ll know how much you owe.

Jin Nian Hua Sauna (Private X)

Jin Nian Hua Sauna is another sex sauna in Taipei. Some people call it Private X too. Whatever the name, it is just as easy to find as Caesarworld. It just takes a little ground work. Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone with a map app. So getting lost is almost impossible, unless you run out of battery.

You can expect the same kind of service and prices at Private X as you can at Caesarworld. The women are going to be about the same too. That means you are going to see women in their thirties or forties who are local, or maybe mainland Chinese. They will give good service including blowjob and full sex. They won’t be your girlfriend though. They’re doing a job.

Alternatives to sex saunas

We understand that some guys don’t want to mess with sex saunas. Sure they are an easy way to get some relaxation and bust a nut in the process. But they’re not all roses. If you’re not comfortable going through all the rigamarole involved in finding a sex sauna and paying for service inside, you do have some alternatives.

It is not terribly hard to meet women in Taipei. Most women study or work though, so your chances at picking them up during the day aren’t so great. You’re much better off signing up for an account ata dating site. Then you can just search for women in Taipei of the age you desire. It works well if the women on the site are all interesting in meeting foreigners.

Taiwan has long tried to be a center of English-language speaking in Asia. The truth is that most people still struggle with English in Taiwan. But you will find more English speakers in Taiwan than you will in People’s Republic of China. You’ll also find a lot of hot modern women who are open to the west. So if you want to try to pick up some Chinese chicks, you could do worse than heading to Taipei and using dating sites like Chinese Kisses!

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