Guide to happy ending massage in Taipei


Chinese massage is known around the world. A lot of times it ends with a hand. Taiwan is full of hot women and plenty of Chinese massage parlors. It is only natural that guys would want to know about happy ending massage in Taipei. It certainly exists, and we are going to fill you in!

In this guide to happy ending massage, we will tell you everything you know about getting a rub and tug in Taipei City. We will give you names and locations of places known for doing happy endings. We’ll also tell you what to expect in terms of experience and prices.

Happy ending massage in Taipei

When we talk about happy ending massage in Taipei, we mostly mean a full body massage with a handjob at the end. We aren’t talking about brothels or places that specialize in full vaginal sex. We have covered that kind of thing on Guys Info Hub already. Right now we are focusing on happy endings in the traditional sense.

Taipei happy ending massage lady with client

Some well known massage parlors that are known to do handjobs after massages include:

  • Thai Happiness (No. 80 Minquan East Road Section 2, Zhongshan)
  • Thai Leisurely World (No. 88, Section 2, Minquan East Road, Zhongshan

You will notice that both of these places are called “Thai.” But neither does Thai massage or has any Thai women. We can’t explain the name. All we can do is point these places out. You can expect to get a nice oil massage and handjob ending at these places from a middle-aged Chinese lady in plain clothes. You’ll pay about 2000 New Taiwan Dollars for the privilege.

These definitely aren’t the only two jack shacks in Taipei by any means. But they are two of the most well known for foreign guys who just want a relaxing massage with a handjob. If you want more than that, then you will probably need to head somewhere else unless you get really lucky and hit it off with a handjob helper.

Shuiyue Spa / Taizhilian Spa

If you want your happy ending massage to come with more options than just a handjob, you have a few options. One is to visit one of the sex saunas in Taipei. The other is to go to Shuiyue Spa, frmerly known as Taizhilian Spa. This is a sort of underground spa where guys can go to get a massage with a handjob, blowjob or even full vaginal sex to finish up.

When we say Shuiyue Spa is underground, we don’t mean that it is a secret place. It is a totally open salon that looks like a place you go for a haircut. But when you go for your massage, you literally go to an area underground where all the private rooms are. That’s where you get your massage and more.

taiwanese massage whore sucking cock

Most of the women working at Shuiyue Spa are actually from Vietnam. That means you won’t get any Taiwanese chicks tickling your balls. You probably don’t care about that at all though. If you’re looking for more than just a jack shack, you only have so many choices.

The cost of a happy ending at Shuiyue Spa is going to depend on your negotiation skills. But a sort of general market-rate has been established. If you stay firm, you shouldn’t pay much more even if you are a whitey right off the boat. The basic massage is 1500 New Taiwan Dollars. A handjob is 1000 More. A blowjob is 2000. Full sex with a condom is 3000 NTD. If you get asked for more than that, they’re trying to maximize revenues.

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