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Guide to the Blok M red light district in Jakarta


Blok M is an infamous red light district for foreigners in Jakarta. For many years it has been known as the go to place for Bules seeking paid Indonesian sex partners. Japanese guys are also known for going to Blok M and visiting its karaoke clubs.

In this guy’s guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about Blok M in Jakarta. We’ll show you where it is located. Then run down the adult businesses there. Next, we’ll tell you about common scams to watch out for. And finally, we’ll talk about the future of Blok M and the game in general.

The Blok M red light district

When people talk about Blok M in the adult sense, they are referring to a Blok M Square that is known for being a red light district for foreigners. That’s located around D’s Place Bar on Jalan Falatehan. They are not talking about the big Blok M shopping mall. But both places are easy to find.

The sad thing, is you won’t find much anymore. There used to be tons of popular bars here filled with women. In the early days a lot of the women were really hot too. And you haven’t seen hot until you have seen a nineteen year old Indonesia babe with a perfect body bent over nude in front of you!

You can see how hot a lot of Indonesian women can be by simply checking out some of the models on Indonesian Asian Sex Diary. But don’t use this to set your standards of women if you plan on visiting Blok M. The truth is, what little remains of Blok M is really on its last legs. So the women you see are more likely to be in their forties or even fifties than to be the kinds of sixes or sevens you see on Indonesian porn.

If you go to Blok M now, you might be surprised at how little is there. Most of the good bars closed up or changed around. The scammers don’t even bother anymore. Years ago the street was crawling with beggars and pimps at night. Now there aren’t any. And the scam taxis that used to park in front of the bars and overcharge drunk foreigners are gone too. Wolves don’t hang around places with no blood.

Blok M has seen better days

Back in the day there were lots of bars basically right in a row at Blok M. That included the big Top Gun bar that was always filled with freelancers. Some of the bars are still around by many closed. And the places that remain open are just not that good.

For example D’s Place had go go bar stages with hot dancers who worked the poles nude or just in a thong. Not to mention the secret room behind the revolving wall where you could get head or even full service from a bar girl at low cost.

And there was even a famous hotel around that had a whole floor called “5+1” filled with prostitutes. It was a really cheap place where sex was just like $20 a pop. So most guys who went there took multiple chicks to the rooms. There were mirrors on the wall and the women were really good. They didn’t even care about guys taking pictures of them in all kinds of group sex positions. You can find pictures of guys doing lots of ladies from there bareback on the internet. And speaking of the internet…

Some really well known adult entertainment areas and businesses in Jakarta have shut down in recent years. That includes big red light districts and even major brothel clubs owned by rich and connected people. For sure, repression has been behind some of the shuttered doors. But that is not hardly the only story.

Things are moving online

The plain and simple fact is that a lot of places just didn’t keep up with the times. An old smoky bar with a live band playing their renditions of songs popular in the US some fifty years ago can only appeal to a certain segment of the population. And even then it can only last so long.

Many things are moving online to the internet. That of course includes prostitution. As with most of Asia, the majority of customers for local prostitutes are local guys. And a lot of them simply want the ease and convenience of checking out who and what is available online. A lot of hookers prefer it that way too.

So in Indonesia, a lot of female sex workers now find their customers on the internet. Many of them use Twitter. If you speak some Bahasa Indonesia it’s easy to find them and see what they are about too. If you don’t, you could just key in some words to a Twitter search and get an idea. Most searches start with something like the word bispak which is local slang for a hooker that literally means “open for booking”. After that they add a geographical indicator. Because Jakarta is a big place.

For foreigners who don’t speak and read the Indonesian language there are easier options to meet Indonesian women. Dating sites come to mind as easy places to meet Indo chicks who speak English and are actively looking for foreign guys. On those kinds of sites, it is easy enough to score a freebie after a date or even get a girlfriend for super long time. Check them out.

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