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How much does anal sex cost in Thailand?


Anal sex is getting more popular every day. Or at least people are now admitting it. Booty banging goes back many years. They don’t call anal “Greek entry” for nothing! Thailand is of course a very popular place for people to have sex. Combine the two and you get lots of butt banging and money changing hands! Naturally, a lot of guys want to know about the anal sex cost in Thailand.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the cost of anal sex in Thailand. We’ll also tell you about the places where anal sex is most commonly available. Finally, we’ll tell you how to get anal sex for free in Thailand. It’s not so hard to do!

Bangkok vs Pattaya

The cost of anal sex in Thailand really depends on the city. If you have read our posts on anal sex in Bangkok and anal sex in Pattaya, then you know there are some differences between these cities. Some people may think it is all the same. But real butt pirates will find they have to hunt down three-holers differently depending on which city they are in.

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Prices are different too. Pattaya is still the cheaper place to get some anal action. That’s because you can find lots of ladies on Soi 6 who will take in the back door for just 1000 Baht. Even when they demand a tip of 200 to 500 Baht extra for anal, they are still cheaper than most booty bangers in Bangkok.

Up in Bangkok, the most reliable place for anal sex is one of the oily massage parlors. They normally charge 2000 Baht for sex. Some of them will throw in A+ service for free, but others want 500 Baht more for anal. So you’re talking 2000 to 2500 Baht for butt sex. That is as much as 2.5 times more expensive than Pattaya!

Is ladyboy ass any less expensive?

If you know anything about Thailand, then you know it is filled with ladyboys. These ladies come with their own cocks. That means they have to use their anuses as a pretend pussy. When you go with a ladyboy, you are more or less guaranteed to get anal access. That is unless she’s a strict top who just wants to bust your cheeks!

Normally though, the paying customer gets to choose the way it goes down. We guess that most guys do the ladyboys in the bunghole, but we can’t be sure. There must be some guys who just want guaranteed butt sex with a pretty shemale. On the other hand, guys who go out of their way to find a chick with a dick might very well want to make use of it. It’s not up to us to judge.

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But does anyone do ladyboy ass because it’s less expensive? You might think that a guy in a dress would sell ass on the cheap. That’s probably true for some bearded weirdos on the streets in the Bronx. In Thailand though, ladyboys are quite popular. A lot of times they want even more for their booty holes than real women!

The cheapest butt sex you are going to find from a ladyboy is going to be on Soi 6 in Pattaya. They will want 1000 Baht for the butt. In Bangkok, you might get away with 1000 Baht for a sodomy session with a ladyboy from a Nana Plaza go go bar too. But there you will also have to pay a bar fine and buy some drinks. So Pattaya is still cheaper.

If you go to a go go bar you will pay a lot more for anal. That’s true no matter what city you’re in. But what about the places that offer anal as a rule? That would mean comparing The Devil’s Den in Pattaya and The Eden Club in Bangkok. They’re both almost the same. You walk in and see all the women who do anal. You pick two and go to a room to do them up the butt for 90 minutes. At Devil’s Den this costs you 4500 Baht. At Eden Club it is 4500 Baht too. Nothing much else to say.

Finding free anal in Thailand

It is absolutely possible to get anal sex in Thailand for free too. You just have to put in a little effort. The keyword there is little. Because it’s actually not too hard to get some free butthole in Thailand at all. A little online chatting and maybe a date or two is normally all it takes. A lot of Thai girls are adventurous and up for trying new things. Especially with farang!

The ladyboy route is still going to be the easiest way to get anal even if you want it free. Any ladyboy is going to be up for ass since they don’t have another hole to use. You can hop on ladyboy kisses and meet as many ladyboys as you could ever want or need. Then just meet up and have fun!

If you’re strictly into real women, there still isn’t that much of a challenge. You have a good shot at the stink pot in Thailand. Especially if you’re in a big city like Bangkok. All you have to do is start talking to Thai women. The easiest way for any foreigners to do that outside of the bars is to get on Thai Friendly.

We recommend Thai Friendly for anyone who plans on spending any time in Thailand anyway. You have access to a nearly unlimited supply of Thai ladies and ladyboys there who are all interested in foreigners. The best part of all is that you can start talking to them even if you aren’t yet in Thailand. How great is that?

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