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Our review of Bangkok Exotic Massage


There are lots of erotic massage parlors in Bangkok. It certain parts of the city it seems like every other shop is a massage parlor. Of course some of these places are more mainstream places that mainly have grannies in plain clothes doing traditional Thai massage. But some of those old ladies actually do extras too! So it can be tough for a guy to know where to go for good service.

While there are more erotic massage shops in Bangkok than we can count, there is only one Exotic Massage Bangkok! After years spent in Bangkok we all agree that this is one of the absolute best shops in the city.

Remember that super annoying song by Christina Aguilera called “What a girl wants”? If it was written by a guy it could have been called “A guys wants to go to Exotic Massage Bangkok”.

Why do we say this? It’s simple. Exotic Massage Bangkok goes above and beyond the standard when it comes to service. They have a full menu of options so that guys can cater their experience to their own individual wants and needs. How cool is that?

What’s it like?

Exotic Massage Bangkok is centrally located right in the middle of Bangkok. So there’s not much waiting for guys who call in for an appointment. As they say, they can get a lady out to a guy’s room in 20 minutes. That’s even better than the old Domino’s Pizza guarantee!

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The people working at Exotic Massage Bangkok are really easy going and friendly. They work with their customers to get an idea of what they are looking for. Since they specialize in kinky massage they are used to hearing all sorts of stuff. As they say themselves, “Don’t be shy, we’ve heard (and probably done it) all before”. In other words, they have experience. Like a soft dick, that’s something you just can’t beat!

For shy dudes they do book appointments through chat apps. So a guy could potentially order up a nice slippery nuru massage with foot job without having to get embarrassed by asking someone for the service out loud. The crew here at Guys Info Hub doesn’t mind coming out and asking directly for what we want. But we recognize that people are different. So it is nice that this option exists.

How much does it cost?

There is a straight forward full service massage option that costs just 2500 Baht for a full hour. That is cheaper than many other Bangkok massage places. They also have a really economical 2200 Baht hour long massage with hand job service for those guys who want to save a little cash or simply lay back and enjoy a good stroke.

The most popular option at this shop seems to be the erotic massage with blow job finish. We here at Guys Info Hub are huge fans of this! What better way is there to end a relaxing full body massage from a wonderful women? And at 2400 Baht for an hour, it’s a real deal. That’s under $70 in American money!

Still, the real shining spot of this place is that it has tons of extra options. They do everything from prostate massage and nuru massage to soapy massage. They even offer a yoni massage options for adventurous ladies.

Exotic Massage Bangkok operates on an outcall basis. That means that guys can either have a lady come to their room. Outcall appointments are book over the phone or through Line and Whatsapp. Their phone number is +6620385043 Their Line ID is @exoticmassage. Their Whatsapp ID is 66888508589.

All of the women here are attractive, sensual, really good at their jobs, and genuinely nice to be around. We haven’t tried the ladyboys but they probably offer some stiff competition for the women. That is only a guess but based on all of our amazing experiences, we are really big fans of Exotic Massage Bangkok. We expect big things from this place in the future.

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