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Cyrcee Secret Bar: easiest place to have sex in Phnom Penh


Phnom Penh is not really a sex tourism destination like Pattaya or Angeles City. Sure, a lot of male tourists end up having sex in Phnom Penh. Others complain about the place though. They say it is too hard to find sex in the city. They wish it was more like Bangkok with go go bars and nude dancers.

It is true that a lot of the girly bars in Phnom Penh employ women who will not have sex with every guy that asks. Many won’t have sex with any guy at all. At the same time, we are well aware of places like Cyrcee Secret Bar where you can basically walk in and find a girl for sex in a matter of minutes. We think Cyrcee is the easiest place to have sex in Phnom Penh. Here are the details.

Location of Cyrcee Secret Bar

Cyrcee Secret Bar is a sort of legendary place in Phnom Penh. It is indeed a secret for many. Yet so many other guys know the place and give it high praise. For many years, Cyrcee Secret Bar was located on Street 49. Recently however, it relocated to a more prominent location on Street 130. It is near the famous Central Market.

Cyrcee is not open during the day. When the sun is out, the area is alive with regular domestic business. At night, pretty much everything around closes. At that point the red Cyrcee sign turns on and lights up the otherwise dark street. Sounds echo out from behind the frosted glass door. The night is alive with the sound of bar girls.

Cyrcee Secret Bar opens every day at 6:30 PM. It closes at midnight. Sometimes it stays open a little later if there are customers inside. These aren’t very long business hours, but the place stays busy. The reason is the women inside.

The women at Cyrcee Secret Bar

There are between ten and twenty women at Crycee Secret Bar. They wear somewhat sexy clothes, but it’s all rather subdued in comparison to what you see in Thailand. There are no bikinis or stage dancing. There definitely isn’t any nudity.

Still, the ladies aren’t shy. They are quick to approach you when you walk in. They’ll start rubbing you and talking about the fun stuff they can do. It really is something to experience. Of course their English is limit. Cyrcee isn’t a bar where most people chat.

The Cyrcee Secret Bar ladies are legendary for the service they provide. They all do deep French kissing. They also give and receive oral. A few even take in the third input. Finally, they all work very well together. You often see two or even three of them leaving with a customer.

In the looks department, the women at Cyrcee are mostly average. They are in their twenties and thirties. A few are very good looking. Most are just in the middle. There are plenty of moms in the bunch too. There are also some with firm and fit bodies. There aren’t really any fat chicks.

Price of sex at Cyrcee Secret Bar

Like we have explained in other posts, there are many places in Asia where the price is not exactly set in stone. Still there is a kind of established market price. That’s what most people pay. There are others who pay a lot more though. That’s usually because they don’t know the price they should pay. So they ask “how much?” Then the sellers make up the highest price they think they get away with.

The truth is that all the ladies at Cyrcee will take $30 for sex. Some will even take less than that. They only work about an hour for this money, so it’s easy to understand. Keep in mind that factory workers make a few hundred dollars for an entire month or hard work. A lot of them are better looking than the women at Cyrcee too!

Of course you have to buy a lady drink for any woman you want to talk to at Cyrcee. A lady drink is $3.50. After that you have to pay a bar fine to take the woman out of the bar. The cost of that is $10. So you are looking at $13.50 plus the cost of your own drink at a minimum.

On top of that you will have to pay for the room. If you’re not staying at a nearby guest friendly hotel like the Sun and Moon, most of the girls will hesitate to go there. So most people just use one of the short time hotels. There are a few right around Cyrcee. They charge $5 to $7 for use of the room. If you don’t bring your own condoms, they’ll charge you $5 for a box of terrible local rubbers too.

How does this work?

You may have heard that prostitution is illegal in Cambodia. We’re not sure how that works because there are thousands of prostitutes all over the country. Most of them have sex with local customers. But plenty of them go with customers too.

The venues that basically run as brothels seem to be the places that run into trouble. They do get raided and shut down pretty regularly. Meanwhile, the bars seem to operate without a hitch. For the most part anyway.

For all we know, the owner of Cyrcee Secret Bar might have no idea that his staff have sex with foreigners. Since they do it outside the bar, who is to tell? This “see no evil” attitude prevails across Southeast Asia and Cambodia specifically. There are a lot of karaoke girls who have sex with customers. They meet the customers inside the karaoke places then go to a hotel for sex. It’s up to them, and the karaoke isn’t really involved. That’s how it works.

We would never advise that you break the law. Especially when we aren’t even sure what the law actually is. All we can do is tell you what we know, all the while keeping in mind what we are clear to spell out in our disclaimer: “We just collect and curate vital information, then we boil it down and give it to you in its purest form.”

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