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Where to get anal sex in Bangkok


Thailand is known as a sex destination. Untold millions go there to have sex with Thais. Bangkok being the capital of Thailand has a concentration of sex options. That includes paid and free stuff. So it shouldn’t surprise you to learn that it is easy to find anal sex in Bangkok.

In this guide we will tell you where to get anal sex in Bangkok. We’ll also tell you what to expect and how much you will have to pay. Finally, we’ll give you a good option for scoring free butt sex in Bangkok. Just remember to play safe out there, whatever you do.

A+ Oily Massage Parlors

There are over a hundred oily massage parlors in Thailand. Most of them are concentrated around Sukhumvit Boulevard. So if you followed our advice on where to stay in Bangkok, you’ll be in walking distance of a lot these places.

Not every oily massage parlor has anal sex on the menu. But a lot of them do, quite literally. If you look through a book of the women in these places and see the term “A+” that means they do anal sex. Some places like Cherry are even bold enough to list this on their websites.

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Here’s a list of oily massage parlors with at least some women who do anal sex with customers:

All oily massage parlors are pretty much the same. You go on, pick a girl, and go to a room. She showers you off, then showers herself. Next, you go to the bed naked. She sucks you, then puts on a condom and rides you. Then, if you ask for anal, you get that next. They all come equipped with KY Jelly for lubricant and their own condoms. We recommend bringing your own condoms though, because they use an industrial-strength variety with strange colors.

The rates are all about the same too. Expect to pay around 2000 Baht for a one hour session. A few places do tack on a surcharge for anal sex though. That is 500 Baht. It is usually mentioned beforehand. Cherry doesn’t add on this charge. Bamboo does. Both places get customers though, so it doesn’t seem to be a deal breaker.

Ladyboys love butt sex

If you don’t mind that your chicks have dicks, there is an almost endless supply of anal available to you in Bangkok. That’s because the city is home to thousands upon thousands of ladyboys.

There aren’t really any ladyboy massage parlors in Bangkok, with the exception of Montra on Sukhumvit. But there are many other options. You can meet women in person or online through a site like TrannySexDate. You can go to bars or nightclubs. The choice is really yours.

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Pretty much any Thai ladyboy you meet is going to take it up the ass. The poop shoot doubles as a pussy for the shemales who haven’t had their dicks lopped off. It’s just taken for granted that they all ride cock with their bums. They’re also among the best equipped for fudge packing since they do it so often. They normally carry KY Jelly and condoms in their bags along with their makeup and perfume.

There are more places to meet ladyboys than we can list here. Some popular ladyboy bars in Bangkok for anal sex are:

You can also order a ladyboy right up to your room. It is to say as to do in Bangkok. You can contact a ladyboy escort company like Ladyboys Bangkok or go the more modern route and hit Tinder. It has plenty of ladyboy escorts too.

Even If you don’t want to pay for it, you can find a ladyboy for fun or romance easily on Ladyboy Kisses. It’s not hard to hook up in Bangkok, but ladyboys are usually super horny. They’re like guys in dresses. That means they want sex just as much as you. Or more! So it’s pretty easy to get in their pants, and thus up their butts.

Just make sure that you don’t accidentally end up with a power top, unless you’re into that kind of thing. Otherwise, you might end up receiving anal instead of giving it.

Regular Thai girls

A final option is to do a regular Thai girl in the backdoor. Sure, you could debate what a regular Thai girl even is. But for the purpose of this post, let’s just say it is Thai women who don’t have sex for money.

You might be surprised how many everyday regular Thai women are three-holers. Or at least how many are open to trying out butt sex. A lot of Thai women seem more open to experiment on these kinds of things with farang than local Thai guys too. So if you’re a foreigner you have a better chance at getting some booty hole.

Now, we aren’t saying that every woman you meet on Thai Friendly is going to be open to a bum blast right off the bat. But you do have a pretty good shot at hitting the third input if you date some Thai chicks.

It’s not a topic you normally bring up immediately when talking to a new girl. But if you ease into things, it isn’t that hard to score anal action with a Bangkok girl at all. Thousands are doing it from the back every day and night in the big mango. As we’ve shown above, there is no real reason why you can’t be one of them!

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