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Finding freelance prostitutes in Yangon


Myanmar is opening up to the world. It is now easy for people from various countries to go there and explore. A lot of guys are traveling to Myanmar and getting exposed to the feminine beauty of Burmese women. Many of them travel through Yangon, the biggest city in the country. So it is no surprise that they want to know about finding freelance prostitutes in Yangon.

In this guide we are going to fill you in on the independent prostitutes who work in Yangon. We will tell you where to find them and what they charge. We’ll also tell you about Burmese women in general who are increasingly open to meeting with foreigners.

Despite years of tense situations in Myanmar, there are a lot of prostitutes in Yangon. Most people will never see the hookers in town. It’s nothing like Bangkok or Pattaya with in-your-face screaming and bright signs. Most of what goes on is behind closed doors.

Freelancers in Yangon

Freelance prostitutes probably only make a very small percentage of the available hookers in Yangon. Most of the sex workers are under some kind of manager or associated with a business like a brothel or karaoke club. There are plenty of streetwalkers, but they are mainly working with local taxi and truck drivers.

There are only a few places where you are going to find freelancers as a foreigner. They are:

Club 5 is inside the ParkRoyal Hotel. You don’t need to stay in the hotel to go to the club. But it is a great girl-friendly hotel in a good location. Club 5 is a nice big bar where the music isn’t too loud. A lot of freelance prostitutes who speak English can be found here every night after 8:00 pm. They charge $100 for sex.

Club 5 Yangon

Fuse Nightclub is a typical noisy Asian nightclub where they play loud electronic music and try to dance. Some karaoke girls go to the club after work if they need money. They are pretty obvious if you know what to look for. They usually don’t speak much English.

Pioneer is a really Burmese club but foreigners are welcome inside. It reminds us of @Home in Vientiane. A lot of the girls that go to Pioneer are actually prostitutes looking for money. They are quick to make eye contact but a lot of them don’t speak English. They want $50 to $100 for sex.

DJ’s Bar is maybe the most popular club for foreigners in Yangon. It’s located in the Inya Lake Hotel complex. A lot of Burmese go there too. That includes plenty of freelance prostitutes. The hookers like to hang out in the quieter bar area. They are more likely to speak English and provide more of a girlfriend experience. They want $50 to $100 for sex.

Dating in Yangon is getting easier

There was a time when dating Burmese girls was really hard. Even getting into the country was difficult. Once you were there, you still had to deal with the old-fashioned way of doing things. Women were mostly virgins until marriage. This environment helped give rise to freelancers who work with foreigners. Lonely foreign businessmen in hotels is probably what first attracted the independent prostitutes to the bar at the Park Royal!

Nowadays the country is really opening up. Myanmar is big place. Many of the corners are still going to be isolated from the world. But Yangon is the biggest city in the country. It’s where most foreigners go. People in Yangon are increasingly exposed to the rest of the world. Some are even traveling regularly.

Dating is a real possibility today in Yangon. There are thousands of really wonderful and unspoiled women in Yangon. Many of them are open to the idea of dating foreigners. Most are probably expecting marriage, but a lot are getting into more modern ideas of dating. Some are even hooking up regularly. With this availability, you don’t necessarily need to hunt down freelancers to satisfy your needs.

We suggest that you try out Tinder and dating similar apps when you’re in Yangon. If you’re not in the country yet, you should get an account at Asian Dating. That will let you browse the women on the site from wherever you are. You can start talking to them and get something set up for your visit. That way you don’t have to waste time when you’re on the ground. If you have any luck, let us know in the comments!

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