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Guide to girls clubs in Yangon


Myanmar is a pretty big country with lots of people in it. There are about 70,000 estimated prostitutes in the country. So it’s nothing like Thailand or even Cambodia. But there is prostitution around. Foreigners don’t see most of it. Those who do mostly stick to the girls clubs in Yangon.

These girls clubs are different than what you might expect. They aren’t go go bars, nightclubs or even hostess bars. They are big dark clubs with chairs and stages. Lots of prostitutes hang around in the clubs looking for customers. Then there are model types who walk the stages like they are catwalks. They will have sex with customers too, but they are more exclusive. It’s not like what you see in the rest of the world.

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about girls clubs in Yangon. We will tell you what they are called and where they are located. Then we will tell you about the prices charged inside the clubs. Finally, we’ll tell you about the price charged for sex by the women working in these clubs and what the experience is like.

Girls clubs in Yangon

There are several girls clubs in Yangon. As said above they aren’t like what you see in other countries. They aren’t even like “girls bars” in Japan. They are their own sort of place. It’s a thing you only really see in Myanmar. Yangon specifically is the real home of these kinds of clubs. And they have been around for many years.

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We aren’t sure why girls clubs are allowed to operate. All we can tell you is that they do. There was a major club around for many years that was torn down along with a whole nightlife entertainment complex. But other places just sprung up anyway. So there doesn’t seem to be any campaign against these kinds of clubs.

Some of the girls clubs in Yangon include:

  • Emperor (Shwedagon Pagoda Rd)
  • Powerlight (249 Kan Yeik Thar Road)
  • Zero Zone (Shwedagon Pagoda Rd)

These are by far the three most popular girls clubs in Yangon. Each one has many women inside. Combined, the three clubs probably have 300 women or more inside every night. That is a lot of ladies for a city that isn’t so big and is very quiet once the sun goes down. So Yangon is no Pattaya for sure. But it isn’t a Riyadh either.

Price of sex in Yangon girls clubs

The prostitutes working girls clubs in Yangon accept payment in US dollars and Myanmar Kyat. For some reason, the rates never match up in different currencies. The price in Kyat is always cheaper. The typical woman working in one of these clubs asks for $80 US or 80,000 Kyat for sex. But at current exchange rates, 80,000 Kyat is only about $51 American dollars.

Anyway, the price of sex at these clubs usually entails several hours. So if you agree to the price, you can take a woman to your room until about 5 or 6 in the morning. At that time, they will leave. They may make up different excuses like studying. But the fact is they all leave around that same time, which may have something to do with curfews or being seen leaving a hotel for foreigners in the light of day.

You will notice that the curfew and being seen in the street comes into play when you’re heading to your room with a woman from the club too. Even if your room is close to the club, they will probably insist on taking a taxi. This isn’t a scam. They don’t want to be seen on the streets by all the people in the streets, probably including some plain clothes police.

There are always taxis parked out front of the clubs. They charge more than the normal taxi prices, but you can negotiate with them. You can basically cut whatever price they say in half. Most of the time they will go for that without much problem.

You pay the women on their way out of the room. As is standard in Southeast Asia and most of the world, you do not pay up front. That is just the way it works. This is meant to ensure that everyone is satisfied with the transaction and avoid scams. Prostitution is apparently illegal in Myanmar, but it is common and has its own worked out marked and procedures. That’s just how it goes.

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