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Where to buy condoms in Yangon (Rangoon)


Until a few years ago, Myanmar was sealed off from the outside world. Even going there for a holiday was difficult. Now the country has opened up. Most people will have no trouble getting inside. Yangon is the biggest city and gateway for most travelers. Naturally guys want to know where to buy condoms in Yangon.

Myanmar is developing quickly, but it’s nothing like Thailand or even Cambodia. You can buy condoms but you are not going to see a mini-mart on every corner with a full display of rubbers. That’s why we made this guide on condoms in Yangon.

Safe sex in Yangon

You definitely want to practice safe sex in Yangon. Myanmar as a whole has an estimated HIV/AIDS infection rate of 1.3 percent. That’s probably low since the place isn’t really organized well enough to do a real census of HIV positive people.

Thirty percent of HIV carriers in Yangon are sex workers. Those are the women most foreign guys come in contact with sexually. So there is a real risk involved, even if you discount the many other sexually transmitted diseases that are present. HIV is very scary, but antibiotic resistant gonorrhea isn’t exactly a walk in the park either.

Finally, a large number of people in Myanmar with HIV or other STDs don’t even know they are infected. Even if they know they have HIV, a lot just can’t afford anti-retroviral medicines. So that means they can carry high viral loads that make it much easier for them to infect other people. Don’t play around with this. Wrap it up!

Where to buy condoms in Yangon

Like we said, Yangon isn’t lined with mini-marts. Things are starting to change but you aren’t going to see a bunch of 7Elevens. So that means the main place you are going to find condoms in Myanmar is pharmacies and big stores.

Even then you usually aren’t going to see a big display of condoms as soon as you walk in the door. Myanmar is still a really conservative place. Being conservative means keeping things a secret, even when they are important questions that can amount to life and death.

You may have to ask for condoms in a store to even find any. Don’t be a dick about it, but you shouldn’t be shy or ashamed either. Sex is a natural part of life and the reality is that you need to practice safe sex with a condom today. Especially if you are in a place like Myanmar with a relatively high rate of sexually transmitted infections and a low level of sex education awareness.

Burmese women and condoms

Don’t expect your new girlfriend in Yangon to have any condoms. Don’t expect prostitutes to have them either. They usually don’t carry any. It might be surprising if you’re coming from a place like the UK where every hooker carries protection, but it’s the truth.

Yangon brothels usually have condoms but who knows about their quality. They might have been laying around in the Burmese heat for the last three years. On top of that, brothel owners usually try to take advantage of foreign guys by charging them some crazy amount for a single condom. Sometimes the rate is almost equal to the price charged for sex.

Bring your own supplies

If you are worried about being able to find condoms in Yangon, just bring your own from home. You can order condoms online bulk and get a big discount. Throw a bunch in your bag and you’ll be good to go for your trip. Just don’t underestimate. You might be surprised how much sex a guy can get on a trip through Southeast Asia.

Crown condoms

For the average Joe, the Crown condom is a great choice. They are trustworthy and well-made, and they aren’t too thick or bulky. They’re pretty darn cheap too. If you have problems fully enjoying sex with a rubber, it’s hard to beat the Okamoto Zero Zero Four. Those are world famous ultra-thin condoms that almost feel like they’re not even there. If you really don’t want to wear a condom at all, we suggest at least trying the innovative new Hex condoms from Lelo. They are unlike anything we have ever seen before. They’ve really redesigned the condom, and the results are great. They aren’t cheap, but you can’t put a price on your health and piece of mind.

If you need any lube, you’re going to want to bring that with you too. You might be able to find a tube of KY Jelly at a pharmacy in a pinch, but even that is going to be a struggle. Why risk it? If Burmese women can’t be expected to carry condoms, you know they aren’t going to have any lubricant with them. We recommend throwing a small bottle of a high quality lube like Pro Lotion in your bag when you travel. That way, it’s there if you need it. It’s better to be prepared like the Boy Scouts then stuck out in the cold like a lost traveler.

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