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The price of sex in Yangon


Myanmar was basically closed off to the rest of the world for many years. Recently, it started to open up. Now millions of tourists are flooding into this large and interesting country. A lot of them know about Thailand next door. They see the many sexy women in Myanmar and they want to know about prostitution. It’s only natural that so many guys want to know about the price of sex in Yangon.

In this guide we will tell you about the rates charged by various kinds of prostitutes in Yangon. We will also give you more details about the various kinds of hookers and the services they provide. You will get a good idea of what kind of money changes hands when sex is sold in Yangon.

The price of sex in Yangon

The price of sex in Yangon depends on who is selling. Obviously, the buyer comes into play. As we have said many times, most prices in Southeast Asia are negotiable. There are sort of established market rates in Yangon however at places like the bars and brothels. Still, there is room for negotiation. Most local men and Asian customers will negotiate over the rates.

To give you a general idea, here are the average prices for sex in Yangon broken down by service provider type:

  • Street walkers 10,000 Kyat
  • Brothels 30,000 Kyat
  • Bar Girls 80,000 Kyat
  • Freelancers 150,000 Kyat

Now obviously prices can fluctuate. There may be a brothel that insists you pay more or whatever. We are just trying to break down the average rates so that you know what to expect. Prostitution is illegal in Yangon anyway, so the sellers can basically charge whatever they want. Still, a sort of market has been created as we said. So the prices are usually right around what is written above.

There are a few basic types of prostitutes in Yangon. We’ve listed them all above, along with the usual prices they charge. No matter what kind of hooker you are interested in, this should give you an idea of what you will have to pay if you want to get busy with a working girl in Yangon.

Street walkers and brothels

Street walkers mainly have sex with local guys. They charge the least for sex, but as you might imagine they are the most likely to have problems. Many street walkers in Myanmar are infected with HIV, but the AIDS rate in this country is actually lower than the infection rate in Thailand. In any case, most foreigners don’t even see the street walkers in Yangon.

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Some foreigners do visit brothels. They are hidden, but they’re not too hard to find. They’re usually run by some kind of pimp manager who sets the prices. They know the going rate, and they will accept it even if they try to rip you off. These aren’t places with high morals though. They’re know for trying to rip guys off by doing things like switching around money or charging some crazy amount for a condom. If you are a go who goes to Burmese brothels, you better bring your own condoms.

Bar girls and freelancers

Bar girls are found in the few big bars in the city. A lot of horny foreigners find their way into these places. There are so many women inside that dudes can get overwhelmed. No matter what though, the usual price for sex is 80,000 Kyat. For that, a bar girl will come to your hotel room and have sex with you a couple of times. Then at five in the morning she’ll say she has to go.

Freelancers are the favored ladies of western guys in Myanmar. If you have read our guide to freelance prostitutes in Yangon then you already know where to find them. The hotel hookers are most likely to speak English and have sex the way a western person would expect. But they also want the most money. A lot of them will settle for 160,000 Kyat. But there are freelancers who will want more than that. Some insist on as much as 200,000 Kyat, which can seem crazy in such a poor country. Remember, we don’t set the prices. We just tell you what they are!

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