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The best countries for sex in South America


Pretty much everyone knows that Latinas are hot and sensual. The spirit of dance and sexuality oozes from all of Latin America. You can even hear it in the popular music. But what are the best countries for sex in South America? You’ve come to the right place to find out.

In this guide to the best countries for sex in South America we are going to list the best locations to get lucky south of the border. We’ll tell you the four best countries for sex in South America, and we’ll explain why each of them appears on our list. We’ll also give you information about cheap prostitution, sex clubs, and picking up Latinas in all of these countries.

Best countries for sex in South America

Latinas are world-renown for their sexiness. South America is obviously filled with Latina women. You can find hot Latinas for sex in every part of the continent. But some places are clearly better than others. Based on our knowledge and experience, we have drawn up this list of the best countries for sex in South America:

  1. Venezuela
  2. Colombia
  3. Peru
  4. Brazil

Now we will proceed to break down this list and explain why each country appears on it. You can go anywhere in Latin America and get lucky. But you have your best shot in these four countries. There are reasons that some South American countries are better than others for those of us who love and appreciate sex. Here they are.


Venezuela has been in the news for years. The place is basically an economic disaster. We could debate the reasons for that. But that’s not the point of this. Quite frankly, we have to include Venezuela on any list of the best sex in South America.

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First of all, Venezuela has some of the hottest and most sexy women that you can find anywhere in the world. Venezuelan women are actually famous for their looks. They win international beauty pageants and give countless guys boners in the process.

On top of that, Venezuela has some of the cheapest prostitutes in the world. Because of the way the currency is exchange, you can find hookers in Venezuela for less than you would pay almost anywhere else. At $5 to $10 for sex with a woman who looks like a model, Venezuelan prostitutes even give the cheapest blowjobs in Asia a run for their money.


Colombia is maybe the most famous country for sex in South America, with the possible exception of Brazil. If you have read our guide to strip clubs in Medellin, then you will probably know why. It’s not just strip clubs though. There are all kinds of bars and sex clubs across Colombia.

Sex in Colombia isn’t as cheap as it is in Venezuela, but it’s pretty close. At cheap brothels in Medellin, you can get a blowjob and sex from a great looking lady for as little as 40,000 Colombian Pesos. At the current exchange rates, that is only thirteen dollars American. A great deal by any measure!

You can also meet women online using apps like Tinder and dating websites like OK Cupid. Some of them want gifts or a sugar daddy. But just as many of them are looking for regular guys for relationships, marriage, or just a quick hookup. Colombian women are open and sensual. That’s the main reason the country appears on our list.


Peru usually isn’t mentioned with it comes to sex in South America. It definitely should be though. Because prostitution is legal in Peru. And there are huge areas established and set up precisely for prostitution. It’s cheap too, so you can’t really go wrong when looking for sex in this South American country.

As with most of Latin America, you can find brothels and prostitutes all around the country. Even in small little pueblos there is probably some place where you can pay for sex or at least get some head for a couple of dollars.

In Lima alone there are two major red light districts. Trocadero Club is the most famous. It’s basically like a huge warehouse filled with hookers. It’s not the most beautiful place in the world to be sure, but you can find lots of prostitutes there.

At Trocadero, you can expect to pay 20 Sol for a blowjob and sex. At current exchange rates, that is less than six dollars American. So this place can even give Venezuela a run for its money. It is arguably much safer too. El Bote located on Avenida Argentina is another place with similar options.


No list about sex in South America could possibly be complete without a mention of Brazil. While it might not be as good there now as it was in the glory days of years past, Brazil is still certainly a world leader when it comes to getting busy.

Looking at Brazilian chicks makes it easy to understand why. They almost seem to be built for fucking. They are just a great combination of the genetic makeup of the human species. They have great curvy bodies that include nice round butts. And a lot of them take it up the ass too. That is so true that we also included Brazil on our list of the five best countries for anal sex.

You can pay for sex pretty easily in Brazil. They have a nice variety of hookers there that range from the lowly street prostitute all the way up to the high-end escort. And don’t forget about the Termas! They are like the local version of German FKK sex saunas such as Artemis.

If you’re not the pay-to-play type, you can still get sex in Brazil. It isn’t that hard at all. If you can speak some of the local language, you’re going to do great. But even if you only speak English, you can certainly find some women to go to bed with you. All you really have to is look around. Just try not to gawk too much at all the hot asses walking around in thongs!

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