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Getting cheap sex at brothels in Medellin


Colombia isn’t as dangerous as it used to be. Things have really improved. Drugs aren’t as common as they used to be but other vice is still everywhere. Prostitution is totally legal in Colombia. A lot of local guys partake, so it’s no surprise tourists want to have some fun too. getting cheap sex at brothels in Medellin is one of the easiest routes to take.

In this guide to the inexpensive brothels of Medellin we are going to tell you everything you need to know. The places, the prices, the prostitutes and more are all covered below. If you have any questions after you read this just leave a comment. We’ll be happy to help.

Brothels in Medellin

Since prostitution is legal in Colombia a lot of people take advantage of the situation. There are big strip clubs where you can take dancers right off stage and bang them. There are also some high-end brothels that look more like sex clubs.

Loutron Exotic is one of the most famous high-end brothels in Medellin. It is the kind of place that guys with money go. Foreigners are obviously welcome too. Even a middle class guy from a country like America might seem like he has a lot of money in Colombia. So it fits.

When you see Loutron at Calle 16a Sur #500 you might not even know that it is actually a brothel at all. It looks more like a villa setup where some well off connected family lives. It may have been that in the past. Now it’s just a place to buy sex.

Upon entering Loutron you are introduced one-by-one to all the hookers. You can then chose one to take to a room for a blowjob and sex with a condom. It’s not cheap though. Loutron is at the top of the charts when it comes to brothels. So you can expect to pay 300,000 Colombian Pesos or more for just a short bit of sex. That amounts to about $100 US dollars. Hardly a budget option.

If you are looking for cheap sex, you are not going to want to bother with Medellin. You have a few options. You can try to score a girlfriend on a dating site and get some free action on the regular. Or you can hit up the cheap brothels in Medellin.

Cheap sex in Medellin

Street walkers and similar prostitutes are going to offer the cheapest sex in Colombia. It is the same in Medellin. The rates can be shockingly low. It is mostly local guys with little money who go to these places. We’re not going to tell you to avoid cheap hookers, but there are safer options than walking the streets.

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There are many cheap brothels in Medellin. They have closed doors to keep out the riff raff. Most of them are isolated from each other. They don’t even have signs outside. So there won’t be a bunch of undesirables hanging around the front door waiting for a mark like you. If you hit it right, you’ll be the only undesirable there.

Some of the most popular and trusted of the cheap brothels in Medellin include:

  • Energy (Carrera 74 #49-101)
  • New Life (Calle 56 #43-39)
  • Aiffe (Calle 57 #43-27)
  • Angeles & Demonios (Calle 53 #43-07)

You might notice that a lot of these places are located in El Centro. You may get the idea that you want to set up shop there with a nearby hotel room or Airbnb. We recommend against that. You want to stay in the El Poblado area. You can get to and from any of these brothels with a cheap Uber car. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Price for sex in cheap Medellin brothels

The cheap brothels are just like the expensive ones. When you come in the manager will call all the girls for you. You just sit there and watch as they introduce themselves one-by-one. Remember the name of the one you like most. You will have to repeat it to the boss when the lineup is complete.

The prices are really low. A fifteen minute appointment is only going to cost you 40,000 Pesos. At the current exchange rate of $1 American to 3000 Colombian, that means you’ll be paying a mere 13 bucks. You can go for longer if you want. The price will keep going up. You get discounts as you increase the time. An hour of sex is only 80,000 COP or 26 dollars.

After you pay you go to a private room with the prostitute of your choosing. If you can speak Spanish you might have a better time. To be honest, it’s really not necessary. Everyone knows why they are there. The sex workers do this stuff for a living so they’re not going to be shy about getting immediately naked and getting down to business. Don’t expect a girlfriend experience.

For that you would have to get an actual girlfriend on a site like Latin Love. A long lasting membership there costs just about as much as a roll in the hay at a cheap Medellin brothel. But instead of a one and done you can actually get a sexual relationship out of it. So the girl won’t walk out and leave you lonely after you bust your nut.

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