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Guide to strip clubs in Medellin


More people are now traveling to Colombia. The bad days seem to be in the past, and the world is opening up to the country. Medellin is one of the nicest cities in Colombia. The weather is mild and the women are absolutely amazing. It’s no surprise that a lot of guys end up going to the strip clubs in Medellin.

In this guide to strip clubs in Medellin, we are going to tell you everything you need to know. We’ll list the names of the strip clubs in the city. We’ll also show you where they are. Next we’ll let you know what to expect inside, including details on the women and the prices. Finally, we’ll tell you about having sex with strippers in Medellin. It’s probably easier than you think!

Strip clubs in Medellin

There are a whole lot of strip clubs in Medellin. You would have to stay there for weeks or months if you wanted to see them all. On top of all the cheap brothels and other options, the strip clubs are popular for Colombian guys and foreigners. Medellin is like a pussy paradise filled with sexy Latinas.

Some of the many strip clubs in Medellin include:

  • Club Maracaibo (Calle 53 # 49-30)
  • Ejecutivo (Calle 53 # 48-20)
  • Conejitas Bar Show (Carrera 52 # 53-03)
  • Las Americas (Calle 53 # 49-50)
  • San Diego Grill (Calle 37 # 45-15)
  • Fase II (Carrera 44 # 30-27)

This list of just some of the main strip clubs in Medellin will give you an idea of how common and widespread they are. You can find a strip club near you no matter where you are in Medellin. It isn’t the kind of town you normally want to travel by foot though. Although it has really been cleaned up since the cartel days, you still have to stay safe.

Luckily you can just use the Uber app and call up a car whenever you need it. They’ll pick you up right where you are and take you right where you want to go. Medellin has a really logically city layout and addresses are easy to follow. Your driver won’t get lost and you’ll have no trouble getting to and from as you travel through Medellin at all hours of the night.

The best strip clubs in Medellin

We aren’t going to try to draw up a list of the best strip clubs in Medellin. Well, at least not in this guide anyway. Who knows what we might do in the future. What we can do here is show you some of the best examples of the strip clubs in Medellin. This will give you a good idea of what to expect.

You’ve basically got two kinds of strip clubs in Medellin. There are the high-end strip clubs, then there are the blue-collar strip clubs. The high-end places are more expensive. Some people might find them more comfortable or safe. The chicks are usually hotter too. The blue-collar places mostly have local customers. The chicks in these places might not be model-quality, but they are more down to earth.

Fase II is the best example of a high-end strip club. Lots of foreigners go there. It’s a big place that’s just like a regular Western strip club inside. There are lots of hot chicks on stage. There are even more hot chicks around the stage. You can talk to any of the dancers. They’re all friendly. If you want to have sex with them, there are rooms right next door.

Conejitas Bar Show in El Centro is the best example of a blue-collar strip club. This place is in what some call “a bad part of town,” but nothing goes on in the club. They have security posted up front and they are strict. The place is just like a regular bar with some stages. The chicks sit around the bar in between dances. Then one gets up on stage and shakes her naked tits and ass. After that she goes around and asks for tips. Some guys don’t give them. Others give an astounding 1000 pesos, which doesn’t equal even fifty cents.

The price of sex at Medellin strip clubs

If you read our guide to the strip clubs in Managua, you already know that you can have sex with most strippers in Latin America. It’s a common practice. You probably don’t know how much you have to pay though. Obviously it depends on the place.

At the high-end strip clubs like Fase II, you are going to pay more. Girls at Fase II want 170,000 Pesos for sex. On top of that, you need to pay a bar fine of 100,000 Pesos. So total you are looking at 270,000 Pesos minimum. That’s about $85 US dollars all together. That’s not bad, but it’s a lot more than the cheaper places. You can get sex in a brothel for 40,000 Pesos!

The blue collar strip clubs like Conejitas have much lower fees. That is why so many regular local guys go to them. You can spend a whole night in these places and spend very little, even if you bang a dancer. The price for sex in these places is just 50,000 Pesos. That’s a huge savings. The girls are a lot less likely to speak English or approach you though. So you have to be proactive if you want to save some money.

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