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Is Manila the easiest place to get sex in the Philippines?


The Philippines is a somewhat small island nation in terms of geography. In demographic terms, it’s one of the biggest countries in the world. Filipina women are warm and open. They can speak English. They’re also famous for as being great lovers. Some guys even call them little brown fucking machines, or “LBFM.” There are many cities in the Philippines. Guys obviously want to know if Manila is the easiest place to get sex in the Philippines.

In this guide, we are going to talk about the ease of finding women for sex in Manila and other parts of the country. We will break down the scene in Manila and tell you how it compares to other parts of the Philippines. This is a great starting point for learning about the Philippines and Pinay women.

Finding sex in Manila

Manila is by far the biggest city in the Philippines. As the capital, it draws people in from all over the archipelago. So purely in terms of numbers, you have the biggest pool of people to work with in Manila. Just from that, Manila might be called the easiest place to get sex in the Philippines.

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On top of that, women in Manila are probably more open to sex than any other city in the Philippines. The country is a conservative Catholic place. Even though people are having sex all over, there is some public shyness. Women might even want to meet you with a friend. They could be too scared to meet you alone.

In Manila you can find all manner of women. There are really modern metro women and poor farm girls who just came to the center. So whatever you are looking for, Manila is a good place to find it. If you are looking for sex, it is probably the best place to start. It is not the only place though. It has its downsides too.

Downsides of Manila

The high number of people in Manila also brings problems of big city life. Anyone who has been to Manila can attest to the extremely bad traffic. This is not just a pain. It can be a real obstacle to meeting women.

We understand why some people might think Manila is the easiest place to get sex in the Philippines. It is very easy to meet Manila ladies on a site like Pina Love. You can ask them to meet you in person soon after you start talking to them. That’s the easy part. The difficulty is actually getting together. If a girl is on one side of the city and you’re on the other end of town, you might have to wait two or even three hours to get together. The traffic gets absolutely crazy.

So you need to find women who are already in your part of town. If you don’t, you will lose a lot of time. You’ll either end up waiting for them or you’ll spend a lot of time in the back of a taxi or Grab car.

Angeles City vs Manila for sex

Angeles City is a lot smaller than Manila in terms of overall size and population. But it has just as many go go bars as Manila. We haven’t done an exact count, so it might even have more. With less people that means there is a higher percentage of go go bars. The go go bars in Angeles City also charge an all-inclusive price. After you pay the barfine, you don’t have to pay anything else. There’s no negotiation. Some may consider it an easier place to find sex for those reasons.

On the other hand, there aren’t as many “regular girls” in Angeles City. Most of the women you are going to meet there are going to be prostitutes. Even if you stick to regular dating apps like Tinder, you are mainly going to find working women.

In Manila, you can find plenty of hookers. You can find some in-between women who want a little gift or something too. But, you can also find thousands of regular women. Many of them are up for sleeping with you if you have just a little game. If you are looking for a real girlfriend, Manila is by far the better place to look too.

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