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Complete guide to EDSA International Entertainment Complex in Manila


EDSA International Entertainment Complex is one of the two main red light areas for foreigners in Manila. EDSA is a big building filled with go go bars in the Passay part of Manila. It has seven bikini bars inside with women available for take out.

Some people go as far as calling EDSA “the Nana Plaza of Manila.” We wouldn’t go that far. Nana Plaza is four floors of whores. The Nana people own the complex. Bar owners then rent their own spaces. At EDSA there is just one owner for the whole place. It’s smaller and less exciting too. And there’s no nudity!

EDSA Entertainment Complex Location

The EDSA Entertainment Complex is pretty easy to find. It’s on the major road called “EDSA.” That’s where the name of the place comes from. Everybody in Manila knows EDSA. But they don’t all know EDSA International Entertainment Complex. It’s in a huge building with gigantic neon signs, but somehow a lot of people miss the place anyway.

Surprisingly, a lot of taxi drivers don’t even know the place. If you want to go to EDSA Entertainment Complex by taxi, you might have to tell them you want to go to the The Heritage Hotel. Then when you get near, just look for the neon lights of EDSA Complex on the other side of the road.

The go go bars in EDSA

As we said, there are a total of seven bars in EDSA. They are all owned by the same people, who also own the EDSA complex as a whole. Because of that, you might not think there would be much variation. But there is for some reason.

Each bar also has its own theme. So they are going for some variation. The bars in EDSA Entertainment Complex are:

  • Cotton Club
  • Bullets & Arrows
  • Pitstop
  • Space Girls
  • Firehouse
  • Casino
  • Samba

Some bars are stuffed full of women. They have some many ladies that they have to take the stages in shifts. Then some of the other bars are really quiet. They might only have a few women on stage at any moment. And you might never see them change either.

Cotton Club is by far the busiest bar in EDSA. It has the most women and the most attractive women. The Wild West-themed Bullets & Arrows next door probably has the second most women. Other bars have a lot less women. It can still be worth it to look around. You never know where you might find a woman who you like.

Women in EDSA Entertainment Complex

There are probably two hundred women dancing at EDSA Entertainment Complex. You will see a variety of women, but they are all somewhat similar. Looks in the Philippines aren’t exactly uniform. But there is a sort of set look. You are going to mostly see shorter girls with tan skin and long dark hair. If you have seen videos from Trike Patrol, you will know what to expect.

Manila go go girls

Age range at EDSA is going to be between 20 and 30 years old for the most part. Many of the women are going to be in their mid-20s. A lot of them already had babies, so they are going to show some baby damage on their bodies. You might not be able to see it on stage even though they are in bikinis.

The hottest women at EDSA are mainly in the Cotton Club. They get picked out early, often by Korean guys. Once they are gone there are other women. They can be fun too, but they’re typically not as hot. There are also GROs, or “guest relations officers,” in some bars. They wear office attire. They can go with customers too. Some of them are hot. Others are not.

Lady drinks at EDSA Entertainment Complex

Although the Philippines is rather poor and underdeveloped in general, the prices are not always low. Manila is a huge metro area. It has the kind of big city price you might expect. You might even be surprised by the prices if you don’t read them here in our guide first.

Lady drinks at EDSA are a bit expensive at 315 Pesos. According to current exchange rates, that is about $6 dollars for a single drink. If you have read our website thoroughly, you know that you normally have to buy a lady drink to get a girl in a go go bar to sit and talk with you. So you can basically tack the price on to the other expenses.

Price of sex at EDSA

What about sex? All of the women at EDSA are looking for guys to pay a barfine and take them out. No one really talks about it, maybe for legal reasons. The fact is, basically anyone who pays a barfine and takes a woman out is going to have sex with her.

In Manila, you have to pay a bar fine or “early work release” to the bar. That lets the girl leave early. At all of the EDSA bars, the bar fine is 1950 Philippine Pesos. That comes out to almost $37 dollars at current rates.

After that, you have to pay an additional tip to the woman. In theory, the tip is negotiated between you and the woman. In practice, there are more or less market rates that everyone follows. For short time, which means a few hours and sex once or twice, the EDSA women want 2500-3000 Pesos. For an overnight or “long time,” they want 4000-5000 Pesos. You give this to the women after you spend time with them. You don’t give it to them before. But you do have to pay the bar fine up front.

In total you can expect to pay about 7500 Pesos if you want to take an EDSA dancer for an overnight. That’s only if you take the first one you see. If you shop around and buy many lady drinks, you’ll pay more. This is like $150 American dollars for sex. Not exactly cheap. No wonder so many guys just pay a few dollars for an account at Pina Love and go for freebies!

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