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The 4 best countries in Africa for sex


People used to be scared of Africa. Some probably still are. The world is getting smaller though. That means more people are taking the plunge and traveling to Africa. The dark continent is simply gigantic. You can’t cover it all in one fell swoop. If you have a goal, you don’t have to. Our mission here is to break down the 4 best countries in Africa for sex. They are:

  1. Kenya
  2. The Gambia
  3. Uganda
  4. South Africa

In this guide we are going to tell you about the 4 best countries for sex in Africa. We will give you all the details on each country we have listed and explain why it is so good. There is a lot of variety in Africa as you will see below. But no matter what you are into, we have you covered!

1. Kenya

Kenya is the most popular place in Africa for tourists. A lot of the guys who go there have sex with local women too. Who can blame them? Kenya is full of fit black babes, many who have truly awesome bodies. There’s a lot of prostitution going on too. Best of all, the people can speak English.

Today, the prostitution in Kenya tends to be more on the informal than formal side. While the powers that be were busy “cleaning up” some of the organized venues, the grey market continued to grow. A lot of the pay-for-play in Kenya looks like dating. Independent freelance prostitutes meet guys in clubs and online and have sex. Then they are rewarded for their work with a little money or some small gifts.

Nairobi and Mombasa are the most known and visited cities in Kenya. Not coincidentally, they are also hotbeds for prostitution. A foreign guy will usually have no problem at all meeting women in either city. Some will expect compensation. Others are happy just to hang out romantically. They’re all hot in the bed!

If you’re an internet guy, the best place to find women in Kenya has to be the African dating sites like Kisses of Africa. There is simply no better organized place with so many women who are into foreigners. If you set up accounts on those sites, you are more or less guaranteed to be talking to lots of Kenyan women in a matter of minutes.

2. The Gambia

The Gambia was kind of an “open secret” for years. It was long famous for female sex tourists looking for a dose of big black cock. But guys weren’t really talking about it much. Something changed recently however. There was even a big media blow up when the Gambian Tourism Minister said, “We are not a sex destination. If you want a sex destination, you go to Thailand” on TV.

Now Gambia is nothing like Thailand to be fair. It is not even like Kenya. There is a lot of prostitution but it is totally informal. You aren’t going to find any agogos or blowjob bars in Gambia. Instead you will find some women who are willing to get intimate with foreign guys. In exchange, the guys usually give them some money or small gifts. It’s more like dating with benefits than a meat market exchange.

sexy African for sex

Unlike the other countries on this list, Gambia is in West Africa. It has a different vibe and layout. Gambia is also a Muslim country. Don’t let that trick you into thinking it’s a non-sexual place. This is not Saudi Arabia. You read what we said about the white chicks coming for black dick above. Well, the same can go on in reverse.

Some parts of The Gambia are more reserved than others. Banjul out by the airport is a very official looking and quiet place. All of the action goes on over on the Senegambia Strip, Palma Ring Road, and Serrekunda. You can meet women in various bars attached to hotels. Or you can simply jump on Tinder and other similar apps to strike up conversation. It won’t be long before you have a black babe in your room. There’s a good chance she’ll be busty too. Gambian women tend to have some of the biggest tits in the world!

3. Uganda

Uganda is on our list because of the women. You can find some of the best black ass in the world in Uganda. Some of it is on sale too. Prostitute isn’t as widespread as you see in Thailand*, but it’s there. And it’s all open to foreigners too. No one is going to sweat you for poking a local hooker.

If you are into very dark skinned women with great bodies, you are going to like Uganda. Ugandan women can speak English very well too. It’s also an easy place to get around. People will go out of their way to help you. They also seem to be really open to foreign guys even when we’re there looking at the hot babes.

Uganda is not a tourist destination. It doesn’t have beaches or a steady stream of Europeans coming in like Kenya next door. There isn’t much tourist infrastructure. In fact there isn’t much infrastructure at all. So, you do have to keep your mind right. Avoid unsafe situations and use a condom. The STD rates are rather high in the UG. If you’re up for adventure and round brown butts though, it’s a great place to be.

An awesome aspect of Uganda is how open the women are to white guys. Many of them almost seem like they’re ready to jump on white dudes they find. You can easily run day game in Uganda, but it’s not really required. You can find as many women as you want on the dating sites.

4. South Africa

South Africa is totally different from the rest of Africa. We would say it’s different from the rest of the world too. The twisted history of South Africa really did a number on the place. Depending on where you are in the country and who you are, you can experience totally different things. That said, you can find sex all over.

South Africa is one of the most developed countries in Africa. It’s also segregated. You can be in a rich white area one minute and a poor black area the next. There is some in between too.

ugly African gets ready for sex

The most fun is to be found with the nightlife. South Africa has some of the best nightlife in the world. It definitely has the best after dark entertainment in Africa. It’s very easy to talk to women. You can make friends, date, or try to pull chicks for hookups. No matter what you do, you shouldn’t really have problems with any of it.

You aren’t going to see as many freelance prostitutes in South Africa. You can find hookers if you want them, but you won’t need to. South Africa is probably one of the easiest places to hookup in the world. If you have always wanted to score with a black girl, you could give it a great effort in South Africa. We think you will succeed in your mission.

You can move around and try different parts of South Africa to see what you like. Just be careful. Some townships are really dangerous places. If you’re interested in the somewhat unique experience of doing a white African woman, focus on places like Capetown. Who knows? You might even meet your own Yolandi.

Other places to meet African women for sex

Of course Africa is not the only place to meet African women for sex. You can find African women all over the world. Using African dating sites is one way to locate them. Another is just to walk around. The odds aren’t always good with that though.

There are some particular hot spots to find African women looking for sex. You might be surprised to learn that most of them are in Asia. We’ve already written some guides on the subject. We have most of the hot spots covered.

Maybe it’s the widespread prostitution or easy visas that brings them to Asia. Or it could be all the horny white guys they know they will find. Whatever the reason is, there are plenty of African sex workers in Asia.

In conclusion, we love African women. As lovers of all women, we can really appreciate the variety that exists around the world. It is probably natural for guys to seek out variety. It has to be embedded into our DNA. Animals are after all on the earth to perpetuate themselves and life in general.

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