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Guide to having safe sex in Africa


Outsiders have been traveling to Africa for a very long time. There was a lull for a while. But now it seems more people are heading back to Africa. That includes lots of European ladies who go to places like the Gambia to hire some big black dick. Obviously, it also includes lots of horny guys.

In this guide to having safe sex in Africa, we are going to tell you everything you need to know. You’ll find about the various risks in different part of Africa. You’ll also get advice on playing it safe, including information on comfortable condoms that feel like nothing is there.

Risks of sex in Africa

There are risks involved when having sex anywhere. You might have a long-term sweetie back home who is taking multiple strange cocks bareback every weekend behind your back. That’s the sad reality! Being in a place like the US doesn’t necessary mean anything. The United States actually has a pretty high rate of HIV infection when compared to the rest of the world.

What about Africa? Humans originate in Africa. But so does HIV. It is no secret that HIV ravaged whole populations in Africa for year. Indeed, it still does today. But Africa is a very big place. It is many times larger than Europe or even North America. HIV hit some places much worse than others.

Here are the countries with the highest HIV infection rates in Africa:

  1. Swaziland (27.20%)
  2. Lesotho (25.00%)
  3. Botswana (21.90%)
  4. South Africa (18.90%)
  5. Namibia (13.80%)

As you can see, all of those countries are in the southern end of Africa. Other parts of the continent aren’t necessarily dealing with such high numbers. You will also notice that South Africa is the only one of these countries appear on our list of the four best African countries for sex.

Now, here is a list of the countries in Africa with the lowest rates of HIV infection:

  1. Egypt (0.0001%)
  2. Tunisia (0.0002%)
  3. Algeria (0.0003%)
  4. Morocco (0.10%)
  5. Sudan (0.20%)

You probably notice that none of those countries are on our list of best sex spots in Africa either. Indeed, with the exception of South Africa, those places fall somewhere in the middle. The HIV rate in Kenya is 5.4 percent. In Uganda it’s 6.5 percent. The Gambia is the lowest on the list at 1.7 percent. That’s someone funny as it is somewhat known as a sex tourism destination. Then again, so is the Philippines. Yet their HIV rate is only 0.10 percent.

Statistics only mean so much though. The bottom line is that no matter where you are, you have to protect yourself. That means following basic travel precautions. It also means using a condom whenever you have sex. Don’t play the numbers game. It’s not a gamble you want to make.

Bring your own condoms to Africa

With a history of HIV crisis, there are plenty of condoms in Africa. It’s not always as easy as that though. There are places where it is actually hard or at least a hassle to find any rubbers. There are also a lot of mass produced NGO give away condoms around. That’s good for safety, but unfortunately they feel like you are wearing a tube sock on your cock.

HIV rates in Africa

That’s why we highly suggest you bring your own condoms from home. You can order some really good condoms online in bulk. That way you get the good stuff but don’t spend a lot of money. One of the top options is the Okamoto Crown. But if you’re the kind of guy who really hates condoms, then you should spring for the Okamoto Zero Four condoms. They feel like you’re not even wearing a condom.

You want to make sure you have condoms around. You also want them to be comfortable. That way you won’t be tempted to slide in raw dog. A lot of women in Africa don’t seem to concerned about doing bareback, even with all the disease floating around. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment. Come with your own jimmy hats so you won’t have to worry about. That way you can enjoy your time in Africa and look back on it later without regret.

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