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The easiest places to hookup in Africa


Africa is a huge continent. It is many times larger than Europe and even North America. There is a lot of variety in Africa. There are big differences in language and culture across the land. But there are some commonalities too. Like African women be sexy with large asses and tits! A lot of guys want to know where the easiest places to hookup in Africa are. We totally understand.

In this guide, we will tell you about the five easiest places to hookup in Africa. We will talk about places to meet black African women as well as white European babes on holiday. We’ll also tell you what to expect, as well as how to meet women for hookups. Finally, we will fill you on some safety tips so you can enjoy your time in Africa and avoid potential problems.

Easiest places to hookup in Africa

So what are the easiest places to hookup in Africa? If you want to have sex with African women, you have to pick and chose your spots. It’s not like you can just show up at any random spot in the continent and start poking away. Unfortunately, it is not that simple.

Africa can really be hit or miss. There are places where it is easy to find sex and others where it is really difficult. And it’s not always what it seems. You can be in places where women walk around topless, but it’s almost impossible to find sex. Or you can be in a Muslim-majority place where it is incredibly simple to get laid!

Our research and experience tells us that the following places are the best for hooking up in Africa:

  1. Monrovia (Liberia)
  2. Kampala (Uganda)
  3. Lagos (Nigeria)
  4. Labadi Beach (Ghana)
  5. Senegambia (Gambia)

All of these places are located in Black Africa. That doesn’t mean you can’t hook up with Arabs in North Africa or whites in South Africa. You absolutely can. It just isn’t as easy as it would be to hook up with women in the cities above.

If you want an easy hookup but prefer an ethnic mix, Labadi Beach is going to be the place for you. It attracts women from all over the world who spread out on the beach in their bikinis. There’s lots of hot European ass around, and even some Asians too! Plus, it’s in Ghana where everyone speaks English.

If you want to meet Black African women while you’re in Africa we understand. Just head to the other four cities on our list. These are by far the easiest cities to hook up with African women in the entire continent.

How to meet African women for hookups

If you have read our guide on the best countries in Africa for sex, then you already know that there are a variety of ways to meet African women. The most obvious is just to show up on the scene. In some places that works so well that you don’t need anything else.

One of the places like that is Monrovia. If you go into the bars, the women will practically be begging to go home with you. It sounds incredible, but it’s true. Kampala is another place where it is incredibly easy to meet and pick up women. If you are a white foreigner, you are basically guaranteed to walk right into women in both places.

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In other places, online dating is the best bet. It even works well in Uganda and Liberia. You can set up an account on an African dating site like Kisses of Africa and start talking to women now. That way you will have all the ladies you could ever want lined up when you arrive.

You can also screen women this way. The truth is that a lot of women who agree to go home with you as soon as you meet usually want some presents like money. Or they may even have bad intentions. There are stories of guys getting robbed in Liberia after they get their threesomes.

Stay safe!

It’s no secret that HIV rates are sky high in many parts of Africa. After all, Africa is where HIV originated. Of course human being originated there too. So you don’t have to avoid the motherland. You just have to take precautions when you are there.

If you read our guide on safe sex in Africa, then you already know the risks. Some of the cities on our easy hookup list above have a high STD rate. Others do not. But not matter what, you should always cover your cock with a condom when you are having sex in Africa.

It’s not always easy to find rubbers in Africa. So we recommend that you bring your own condoms from home. You can order them in bulk on the internet and save a lot of money. We recommend the awesome Okamoto Crown condoms. But if you are the kind of guy who needs more sensation, just pay a little more for the Okamoto 004 condoms. They are like wearing nothing at all!

Come equipped with your own condoms when you travel to Africa. Just pack them in your bag and forget the hassle. That way you won’t be tempted to slip it in raw in the heat of the moment. A lot of women in Africa will let you do them bareback, especially in the easiest cities for hookups. It’s not a risk you want to take.

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