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The price of sex in Managua


Nicaragua is a place that a lot of people know for various reasons. Some people go there, but a lot of people never do. Travelers might pass through Managua, but they rarely stay long. Then there are expats and others who know what Managua has to offer. A standout feature is the low price of sex in Managua.

In this guide, we will tell you all you need to know about the price of sex in Managua. We’ll describe the different kinds of prostitutes you will meet in Managua. Then we’ll tell you what they do and how much they charge. Finally, we’ll tell you how you can get sex for free in Managua. We’ve got you covered.

Price of sex in Managua

Why would you want to know the price of sex in Managua? Maybe you want to set sail and do your own Latin American Fuck Tour. You could be one of the modern “flag collecting” men, who tries to have sex with women from as many different countries as possible. Paying is the easiest way to get sex in most countries, including Nicaragua.

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But others might want to know the price of prostitutes in Managua purely for the educational factor. We’re not here to judge. We just give the information we have have gathered on the rates charged by various types of sex workers in Managua. And the type does matter. Pricing ultimately comes down to the type of girl and the place she works.

As you will see below, the price swings in terms of sex in Managua are huge. There are women who work the street and sell sex for just $3 USD. Then there are chicks who dance in strip clubs that charge over $100 USD for a quick hump. That’s just the way it goes here and all around the world. The women aren’t always that different. But the places you find them definitely are.

Types of prostitutes in Managua

As stated above, the price of sex in Managua will depend on the place it is being sold. As you would probably expect, you are going to get it cheaper from freelancers on the street than you will from done up hookers in expensive strip clubs. That is just the way the market works in Managua and pretty much everywhere else.

Here’s a list of the main kinds of prostitutes you will find in Managua, as well as the prices they charge for sex:

  • Street walkers (100 Cordobas)
  • Brothel prostitutes (400 Cordobas)
  • Strip club dancers (3000+ Cordobas)

These are general market rates. Some women may ask for a little more or a little less than the prices above. But in most cases these are the prices that guys are paying. As you can see, there is a lot of variation. Some guys are getting low-end sex for a couple of bucks. Other guys are splurging and spending a lot.

The amount you spend on sex doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with quality or service either. You might find a great performer on the street who rocks your world in the backseat. Or you might get a starfish in a strip club who barely moves. This is one case when price doesn’t necessarily correspond to what you get.

Finding free sex in Managua

As you can see above, there is a wide variety of sex service available in Managua. You can get all kinds of different action depending on what you want to pay. But what about meeting regular girls and scoring for free? It is certainly possible in Managua if you put in even a little effort.

Because there are some prostitutes that sell sex for so little, some guys might think dating women in Managua is a waste of time. That is going to depend on your perspective. If you are just looking to bust a nut, it is hard to argue that you should try dating. Especially when you can just walk into a place like Fenix and screw a girl of your choosing for as little as $12 US dollars.

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Maybe you don’t like to pay for sex. You might want to get a real girlfriend to spend some time with. This is all understandable. Prostitution is legal and widespread in Managua, but it’s not for everyone. The good thing is that is very easy to meet women in Managua. Maybe because it’s so cheap and easy to get sex, there are lots of available women. Despite all the history, a lot of them are into foreign guys too. If you can speak Spanish you’ll do incredibly well. But even if you only speak English, you will be able to meet women in Managua.

If you want to go the free route, you can always try to talk to women you meet in the streets and shops. You can have some success this way, but beware of the competition. Guys in Nicaragua are on the game around the clock. Women are constantly battered by guys who want to get into their pants. As a foreigner, you might have some advantage. But depending on your language skills, you could also be at a disadvantage. Most Nicas do not speak English, as you probably expect.

The best bet is online dating. When you join some of the bigger sites like Latin Love you gain access to hundreds of thousands of Latinas who are looking for foreigners. So you already know you are in the right place. A lot of them will speak English too. But even if they don’t, you can use Google translate easily when talking back and forth online. So you will be able to communicate in the way you want. You can also start talking to women in Managua long before you arrive. So you can make them comfortable to meet you when you actually get on the ground.

If you’re looking for straight up sex, you’ll want to jump straight to Adult Friend Finder. You might not find a ton of women from Managua on that site. But the ladies you do find there are going to be really horny and sexual. They are looking for action and they want it now, which is much like what most guys want. That probably includes you too!

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