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The best cities for sex in Nicaragua


Nicaragua certainly isn’t known as a “sex tourism” destination for anyone. That doesn’t mean it isn’t an easy place to find sex though. In fact, it’s probably easier to find sex in a lot of Nicaragua today than it is in some so-called sex hot-spots. Just because people don’t know about a thing doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. In the best cities for sex in Nicaragua, get laid is very easy.

In this guide, we are going to tell you the absolute best cities for sex in Nicaragua. We’ll list them, then tell you why they are so good. Next, we’ll break down each location to give you an idea of what to expect. Then we’ll talk about prostitutes and regular good girls too. Finally, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to meet women in Nicaragua.

The best cities for sex in Nicaragua

Since you can see babies being born all over the world, you already know that you can actually find sex no matter where you are. But there are always some places that are better for sex than others. These are the cities and towns that give you the most options. They are also usually the easiest places to score.

Here’s our list of the best cities to find sex in Nicaragua:

  1. Managua
  2. Granada
  3. Leon

Read on for full descriptions of each location on the list. At the end we’ll give you some good ideas about how to meet women all over Nicaragua. As you will see, there are actually a lot of options for finding women despite the relatively small size of the country.

Sex in Managua

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua. It’s also the largest city in the country. People go there for all kinds of reasons including the political and economic. The bottom line is that it is really the heart of the entire country. A lot of tourists skip over it, but for guys is probably the best place to be.

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If you have read our guide to the price of sex in Managua, then you already know the city is crawling with hookers. You have all kinds of options if you want to go the pay-for-play route. You can splurge on a model-type prostitute in a Managua strip club or simply buy some really cheap sex at Club Fenix. There’s something for all budgets.

On the other hand, you might want to meet regular women. Even in that case you will probably want to start in Managua. The city has a lot of people. Other cities in the country are all much smaller and can’t even compare. So just in terms of sheer numbers, Managua gives you the best chance. More people means more nightlife and night clubs too. On top of that it is home to some colleges which means you can find hot university girls. Finally, you have to remember that there are more English-speakers in Managua than most other parts of the country.

Sex in Granada

Granada is a smaller and frankly much nicer city on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Tourists and expats usually end up in Granada. It’s got that cool old colonial charm. It’s also really inexpensive. So it’s a nice place to be whether you want to take a break from the United States or just a vacation from the chaotic nature of Managua.

You can find all kinds of prostitutes in Granada. A lot of them just work in the streets. As soon as you start to step away from town square you will see them at night. Be forewarned that a lot of them are ladyboys. But it isn’t so hard to tell. It’s not like Thailand where ladyboys can look like real women. If you see wide shoulders and a mustache, avoid. Unless of course you like your chicks to come with their own dicks.

Prostitutes outside of the main square will blow you or have sex for just $5 dollars. Over on La Calzada there are street prostitutes who charge $30 or more. They are more likely to be actual women though, so you might have better chances there. A lot of guys have been robbed or pick pocketed by street hookers in Granada, so be careful.

Dating is the better option in Granada. Some of the women are tired of false promises from gringos, but you can still do pretty well there. There are a lot of great good girls in the town. If you don’t want to deal with dating and romancing, you can even go the direct route. Just hop on Adult Friend Finder and find some horny sluts and swinging couples and you should be able to find sex without issue. You can also meet foreign backpackers if you don’t mind stinky unshaven armpits and cigarette breath.

Sex in Leon

Leon is the historic rival city of Granada. It is a very old city, with a history going back many years. For the average visitor, it is going to look a lot like Granada. That means it is a small city with a lot of old colonial architecture. It is relatively safe for the region, but you still have to watch your back especially if you travel alone at night on foot.

You aren’t going to find any red light districts or anything like that in Leon. There are prostitutes around, but they’re spread out. You might find some streetwalkers on the sides of roads. Or you might meet freelancers in the nightclubs. Depending on where you pick a hooker up, you will pay between $5 and $50 for a blowjob and sex. So it’s not much different than any other city in Nicaragua.

The main benefit of Leon is that it is home to several universities. That means there are lots of college girls in town for you to meet. They’re normally more into foreigners and able to speak English too. Plus, Leon isn’t as overrun with gringos as Granada. A lot of them live on their own or with friends, so they aren’t burdened by family. That means they can go out at night and party.

The central locations to meet university students and other women in Leon are the nightclubs. The two most popular are Oxygene and Bohemios. These are really easy spots to meet a lot of women and hookup. You should try them if you are in town.

Meeting women in Nicaragua

The easiest way to meet women in Nicaragua is obviously just to go to a prostitute. You can do a lot more than meet them too, usually just minutes after you first see them. That’s why so many guys go to hookers. We totally understand if you want to go this route. But if you want to meet women who don’t sell sex, you can also do that.

It is pretty easy to meet regular women in Nicaragua too. There are millions of women in the country. Lots of them are beautiful and sexy. Most of them are nice and sweet. So there’s not a lot of struggle involved in meeting Nicaraguan women. The main obstacles for guys who want to meet Nicas are geographical and linguistic.

In other words, if you want to be at the top of your game in terms of meeting Nicaraguan women, you need to get to Nicaragua and learn to speak Spanish. Once you got those two down, you are pretty much on high street. You will have no problem meeting chicas no matter what else you have going on.

But what if you’re not in Nicaragua and you can’t speak Spanish? You’re still not out of luck. You can talk to all kinds of Nicas online thanks to dating sites. A lot of the Latinas on dating sites like Latin Love will speak English. Even if they don’t, it’s very easy to use Google translate with copy and paste. So you can communicate with each other without problem.

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