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Guide to strip clubs in Managua


Most foreigners only pass through Managua. They head on from the capital to beach cities or quaint towns like Granada. But the guys who decide to settle down and spend a little time in Managua often find there are a lot of hot women just waiting for them. Foreign guys are exotic in Managua and have little competition. There’s also a lot of paid action to enjoy.

In this guide to strip clubs in Managua, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about titty bars in Nicaragua’s capital. We’ll tell you what they’re called, where they are located, and what they charge. Finally, we’ll fill you in on some alternatives to Managua strip clubs in case you’re looking for something else.

Strip clubs in Managua

There are about six or seven strip clubs in Managua. Only three of them are in the main part of the city. Those are the main clubs you should consider visiting. They are the easiest to find. Plus they are the safest and they have the hottest chicks working inside.

The three main strip clubs in Managua are:

The map below shows where all of these strip clubs are located. It also shows a lot of other stuff, like where the street walker prostitutes hang out in Managua. Like we said, the city is filled with paid-sex options. That includes cheap stuff, mid-range “auto brothels” where you get sex in your car for $75, and the more expensive strip clubs.

These strip clubs aren’t exactly like what you see at home. They can be a little more lively, but they’re usually pretty safe. There isn’t as much emphasis on really nasty and explicit sexual stuff either. You might not see a lot of spread eagle gynecological poses. You will see lots of hot Latina chicks though. That is enjoyable enough.

You can buy drinks for dancers if you want to talk with them. It’s not cheap at $14 a glass though. The good thing is that buying them a drink brings them close. From there things can go a lot further depending on the club. Strip clubs are expensive all around the world though. Managua is no different.

Sex at Managua strip clubs

Believe it or not, but you can actually have sex with a lot of the dancers in the strip clubs. This is not what you would expect if you are coming from America. But it is a common practice all across Latin America. You can have sex with dancers at strip clubs in Colombia and the Dominican Republic too. If you think about it, it really makes sense. The US-model doesn’t. Paying to look but not touch? It is strange.

If you want to have sex with a dancer in a Managua strip club, just call over one of the waiters and ask him about it. He’ll break down the way it works in that particular club. He can also do the in-between and talk to the dancer for you. That way you don’t risk offending her.

Just be prepared to drop some money. In most of the prime strip clubs, the women are going to ask you for $100 US dollars or more for sex. They’re looking at you as a gringo tourist and thinking you have money. They’re looking at themselves as super-sexy models too. So you get these kinds of prices. If you agree, you are normally going to get pretty mechanical sex. You should get a blowjob and full sex with a condom. It probably won’t be too intimate. You never know though. You can luck out or hit it off with a specific dancer. If you have the money, it’s your choice to spend it.

Alternatives to strip clubs

If Managua’s strip clubs are too rich for your blood or just don’t seem interesting, there are alternatives. Dating and hook-ups are really great in Managua. Like we said, you can have a lot of success as a foreigner. Day game works too. As long as you speak at least a little Spanish, you can pick chicks up pretty easily. You have a lot going for you already as a foreign dude in Managua!

If you don’t speak Spanish, you are going to be much better off using internet dating. Nicaragua is still a poor country. You shouldn’t expect anything immediate if you go this route. Women in Managua might only check their accounts once a day. So get set up on a Latino dating site now. That way you can start chatting to chicks and getting dates ready for when you arrive.

All of the ladies on dating sites like Latin Love are looking for foreign guys. So a lot of them will speak English. Even if they don’t, you can just fire up Google translate. Since you’re already online, all you have to do is cut and paste what they write. You can even respond in Spanish this way too. The wonders of technology are bringing us all together. We love it!

You can also save money if you still want to go the paid route. Club Fenix is a popular spot for guys to get cheap sex from Nicas. Obviously this is going to be the easiest way to get sex. You just walk in and pick a girl you like. Then you go in the back and bang. It’s really cheap too at just about $14 dollars. That’s the price of one lady drink at a strip club.

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