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Picking up prostitutes at Habano’s in Panama City


Habano’s Cafe in Panama City is a well-known pick up spot for Latina prostitutes. Prostitution is legal in Panama, and you can even use US currency there. So a lot of guys travel to Panama City and enjoy the freedom of sex in the town.

If you have never been to Panama City, you might wonder what it is like. Even if you have been in a brothel or go go bar, you might not know what a prostitute pick up bar is like. The scene is really different than what you find in New York, Bangkok, or Tokyo.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about meeting ladies of the night at Habano’s in Panama City, Panama. We will give you the location and layout of the bar. Then we’ll tell you about the hookers inside. Finally, we will tell you about the prices these prostitutes charge for sex.

Habano’s in Panama City

Habano’s Cafe is a bar in the middle of Panama City. It is located around of popular girl-friendly hotels like the Hyatt Palace. The area is pretty safe and definitely walkable. So it’s a good place to stay even if you aren’t looking for hot Latina hookers.

Just looking at Habano’s, you might never know that it is anything special. It looks like any other small open faced bar, with tables and chairs scattered around. It is special though, as lots of freelance prostitutes from around Latin America go there every night to sell sex.

You don’t have to pay a cover charge to get into Habano’s. You just walk in, order a drink, then have a look around. Some of the more desperate women might try to come sit down and talk with you. Others will just hang out on their own. If you want to talk to them, all you have to do is open your mouth. It’s that easy.

Prostitutes at Habano’s Cafe

If you have read our guide to freelance prostitutes in Panama City, then you already know that Habano’s is a major location. The small open-air bar is absolutely filled with hookers every single night of the week. The hoes probably outnumber the male customers by a margin of 10-to-1 if not more. Now that a lot of Venezuelans are showing up, the numbers might be even higher.

Most of the hookers at Habano’s are still Colombians though. They probably make up 80 percent of the pick-up pool. And some of them are absolute stunners. You will be very surprisedS when you see how beautiful and sexy some of the women at Habano’s are. They look like they just walked out of a Sports Illustrated magazine.

Sure, there are others. You might meet some Panamanians, Dominicans or even Cubans at Habano’s. You can also find plenty of average or older women at the bar. They are in the minority though. Habano’s is a place where the women are mostly very hot. So it’s not only convenience that draws guys to this place. If you want quick and easy sex with a hot Latina, this is a great place to go. Of course, it will cost you!

The price of sex at Habano’s

Since the prostitutes who work at Habano’s are all freelancers, they are free to set their own prices. Still, a sort of market-price has emerged and most people will stick to that. So that means most hookers will ask you to give them $150 US dollars for sex. From there, they expect you to negotiate. A lot of guys will just accept the first price, but you can counter with a quote of $100. Normally, they will agree to that. It makes sense since $100 is better than nothing. With so many women at Habano’s there are nights when the women don’t even get a customers.

Panama prostitute

After you agree on a price, you can head to your room. If it’s nearby you can walk. If not, you can take a taxi. They aren’t cheap in Panama City, but really nothing is. That is one of the downsides of going to Panama City rather than a cheaper area like Managua where you can get sex for $15 at places like Club Fenix.

You might be surprised about how passionate the prostitutes from Habano’s Cafe are in the room. Either that, or they are really good actors. They will want to do everything from blowjob to vaginal sex with a condom. But other than that, they really get into it. They don’t want to stop until you have an orgasm either. If you can’t get off with them, they really do seem disappointed. We don’t know if that’s an issue of pride or if they want customer satisfaction and repeat visits. It doesn’t really matter. What we do know is that you will get a good ride for your money with the vast majority of the hookers selling pussy at Habano’s Cafe.

With legal and widespread prostitution in Panama City, there are a lot of other options. Still many men select Habano’s as their main stomping ground and stick to it throughout their trips. After reading this, that should be totally understandable. It is a place with a lot of very sexy Latin prostitutes who are willing to have passionate sex with pretty much any guy who can afford it. It is certainly not the cheapest place in the world, or even in Panama City. But it has a good reputation as a place to meet freelance prostitutes who really put their back into their work.

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