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The price of sex in Panama City


Prostitution is totally legal in Panama City. It is also very common. A lot of local Panamanian guys have sex with hookers all the time. Panama City is a transit hub and vacation destination too. So a lot of foreigners end up there. Many of them are curious about all the prostitution they see and hear about. It’s really no secret to anyone. But do you know the price of sex in Panama City?

In this guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about the price of sex in Panama City. We will list the various types of prostitutes you will encounter in Panama. Then we will tell you how much they charge for sex. Next, we will break down the different kinds of hookers in the city. Finally, we will tell you where to find prostitutes in Panama City and what to expect when you do.

Price of prostitutes in Panama City

As with anywhere else, the price of sex with prostitutes in Panama City depends on where you go and who you ask. Since prostitution is legal in Panama, a lot of people take advantage of the situation to make some money. There are plenty of Panamanian prostitutes, but others come in from all over Latin America to sell sex too.

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You can go from the gutter to the upper echelons in Panama City. If you want a cheap blowjob, it is very easy to find. At the same time, you can go to a strip club and spend a couple hundred dollars on sex. Here’s a list of the most common kinds of prostitutes you will find in Panama City, along with the prices they usually charge:

  • Street walkers ($20)
  • Strippers ($40+)
  • Freelancers ($100+)
  • Escorts ($100+)

The prices are listed in US dollars because they are used in Panama. There is a Panamanian currency called the Balboa, but it is pegged to the dollar at equal value. So if someone asks for “twenty” you can give them 20 dollars or 20 Balboa. Or you could give them 10 dollars and 10 Balboa.

Colombians are the most common prostitutes in a lot of places where you find working women. On top of them, you will also see others like Nicaraguans, Cubans, and Dominicans. As a result of the economic situation in their country, a lot of Venezuelan women now hook in Panama City too.

Types of prostitutes in Panama City

Street walkers are going to give you the cheapest sex in Panama City. That is no surprise as it is pretty much the same all over the world. You can get a blowjob from a street hooker in Panama City for as little as $10. If you want sex, you’ll have to double that. Street hookers are pretty common. You can find them all along Via Venneto. Just be forewarned that a lot of ladyboys work the streets. So if you’re not into dick, be careful who you choose.

Strippers in low-end clubs like Capri will do you in a back room for $40. But if you want to have sex with a model-type dancer at Le Palace or Elite, you will pay between $330 and $400. That’s no small fee.

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Freelancers can be more or less expensive, depending on where you meet them. If you find a prostitute in a casino that you like, you can probably have sex with her for $100. But if you go to a bar full of attractive freelancers like Habanos, you will pay between $120 and $150 depending on your negotiating skills. If you have read our report on finding freelance prostitutes in Panama City then you already know where to look for these women.

As usual, escorts are going to be the most expensive escorts you find. As a general rule, women who work as escorts charge more than most other prostitutes. They can be more selective about their clients too. But that is not always the case. Most escorts in Panama City use the internet for promotion. So that is where you will find them. There are some independent escorts around, but they are really outnumbered by the agencies. So most likely that is who you will end up dealing with if you go this route. Most escorts are very professional. But remember that paying a high rate is no guarantee that you will receive quality service.

Finding sex for free in Panama City

What if you aren’t into paying for sex? Or if you just want another distraction to pass the time during the day? Well you can always put your energy to good use in trying to find free sex in Panama City. While it’s certainly not the easiest place to hookup in Latin America, it isn’t all that difficult either.

You have all the usual options when you want to pick up women for sex in Panama City. You can run day game on women you meet in the streets and malls. Or you can wait until nightfall and go to some of the popular bars and nightclubs. But if you go that route, you better know how to dance. And no matter which way you choose to meet women, you will really need to speak Spanish.

The easiest way to meet women in Panama City is to use a Latino dating site like Latin Love. That gives you access to thousands of women who are actually interested in meeting foreigners. A lot of them can speak English too. Even if they don’t, you can simply use Google translate to have a conversation. That’s a lot easier to do over the internet than in person.

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