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How and where to meet women in Bocas de Toro


Bocas del Toro is an archipelago in Panama that has become very popular in recent years. Over the last decade, the place has become a real hot-spot for travelers. Needless to say, most of the male tourists want to know how and where to meet women in Bocas de Toro. That is totally understandable. We wanted to know the same thing before we got familiar with the place.

To tell the truth, Bocas del Toro is not a huge place. But you can spend a lot of time traveling around. Even getting to the beach can take a while depending on how you go. You can take a taxi and get there pretty quick, but then you have to spend money. If you want to pinch pennies, you can walk across a hot patch of mud instead.

No matter how you get around, this guide to meeting women in Bocas de Toro will tell you all you need to know. We will fill you in on all the available options in the area. We’ll tell you where to go for your best chance at hooking up and finding sex. Read on for all the relevant information.

Where to meet single women in Bocas de Toro

Like we said earlier, Bocas del Toro is a real tourist destination. So it mostly attracts tourists from other countries. A lot of them are going to be your typical gringo backpacker. So expect to meet a lot of chunky white women sporting dreadlocks and gypsy pants while you’re there. This is going to be the easiest option for hooking up. But it might not be the most fun or rewarding, depending on your experience.

If you’re okay with unwashed ladies sporting hairy armpits, you can go to any of the major beaches or bars. Then all you have to do is run a little day game and you should be off to the races. It won’t take much to get in with a lot of these women. They go to Bocas del Toro to prove how “wild and fun” they are. So you can even scoop them up if you’re a loud mouth drunk. You basically just have to be in the right place and willing to go along with the crowd.

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Play el Ismito is the most popular beach in the area. So go there if you want the biggest numbers of people and best odds and picking up a girl or two. Starfish Beach is a little big better in terms of beach quality. It’s also a popular place, but depending on where you stay it may be a further jaunt. If you want to try your abilities with the surfer chicks though, you’re better off going to Paki Point. That’s where they all hang out. They usually have better bodies and hygiene than the budget backpack set, but some of them are pretty rough around the edges.

The Panamanian and other Latin tourists from nearby are going to be the best looking women in Bocas de Toro. They’re more common on weekends when they have days off and want something to do. It’s not too difficult to pick up Panamanian women. But you will definitely need to speak Spanish. If you can’t do that, your odds are a lot lower.

If you worry you won’t be able to find anyone in Bocas del Toro, just hook up with a girl in Panama City and bring her along for the trip. Some people call this “bringing sand to the beach.” But it beats being alone if that’s the only option. If you don’t plan to be in Panama City for long, then set up an account on a Latino dating site. That way you can chat with thousands of women in the city. It shouldn’t be too tough to find one who wants to join you on a fun getaway to a tropical beach!

Bocas del Toro nightlife

Unsurprisingly, there is a lot of nightlife on Bocas del Toro. All the party animals who go there want a place to get wild. That usually means that they want to get wasted. So the bars and the clubs are where you will find the most women up for a good time. It’s not really rocket science. The most popular nightlife spots in Bocas del Toro include:

You can expect to meet a lot of European women in any of these places. They will be in their twenties, or maybe even their thirties if they’re having an early mid-life crisis. Just don’t expect them to look like the sexy European babes you see at Euro Sex Parties or in a German FKK sex club like Goldentime. A few of them do. But most lean more towards the laid-back hippie drop out style with sunburned skin and unshaven legs. If you want a local woman check dating sites like Latin Love instead of going out.

Aqua Lounge on Carenero Island is by far the most popular place around for women to get drunk and hookup with guys. Don’t ask us why that is necessarily. All we can do is tell you what we see and hear. Aqua is a really busy place that fills up with lots of women. It is especially busy on Friday and Saturday nights, when the most tourists are in town.

Although Aqua Lounge isn’t a high class place, it is one of the most known and talked about in all of Bocas del Toro. So if you saw a hot babe walking around the beach but didn’t have the nerve to talk to her, there is a good chance you’ll see her again at Aqua! You can really cheap out there too. You don’t have to worry about dressing up in a fine suit or getting table service. A lot of the women you’ll be talking too will be drinking cheap beers and wearing bikinis anyway! They even have hotel rooms there in case you don’t want to bother taking a babe all the way back to your room. That’s a proper setup!

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