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Meeting women at the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia is considered an emerging economy. It’s quite a developed place for the region. Kuala Lumpur especially has shaped up to be a modern city in this day and age. Lots of people either pass through the city or set up shop permanently. Men are men of course and they are interested in women. Malaysia is a conservative country, but guys have no trouble meeting women at the Beach Club in Kuala Lumpur.

The majority of the Malaysian population is Muslim. There are some strict laws in place too. So a lot of Malaysian women are restricted in their activities. Nightlife exists but it’s not like Bangkok or even Phnom Penh. One of the best options for meeting women in Kuala Lumpur is to hit up the Beach Club.

The Beach Club

The Beach Club is a popular open-air bar in Kuala Lumpur. It has the theme of a beach party or barbecue but that only goes so far. The staff behind the bar might wear a Hawaiian shirt, but you aren’t going to see any sand or baby pigs on a spit.

The Beach Club is located on Jalan P Ramlee. Jalan is a local word for street. Don’t ask someone for “Jalan P Ramlee street.” It’s simply called “Jalan P Ramlee.” Better yet, don’t ask anyone for the location at all. It’s the 21st century. Just bookmark this page and use the Google map below to find your way.

The Beach Club opens at 9:00 pm every night. It fills up pretty quick. By ten or eleven it’s chock full of women and some guys too. It can even get hard to move around. In some places you want to show up late with the cool people. At the Beach Club you can go whenever you have time. Pickings are a little better around ten though, as most of the ladies still haven’t left.

The cover charge at the Beach Club is 40 Ringgit. That comes with a ticket for a free drink at the bar, so it’s not a bad value. All the women in the bar have to pay the same cover charge. They don’t work for the bar. They are freelancers.

The Beach Club is pretty big. There’s an outside area with a bar and another large inside area. There’s a stage space too, usually with a live Filipino band. You can find a seat somewhere if you’re lucky, but you’re better off slowly moving around the place to see all the women that are there. Usually that’s a lot of ladies.

Prostitutes at the Beach Club

Let us be clear: the Beach Club isn’t a place to go to meet “regular girls.” It’s doesn’t have a mix of freelancers and civilians like @Home in Vientiane. The Beach Club is mainly just a place to meet hookers. They might not be full time prostitutes, but the ladies at The Beach Club are looking for men with money.

There are lots of women at the Beach Club. None of them are Malaysian. If you have your heart set on meeting Malaysian women, you’re probably going to have to try dating them. You can find a lot of Malaysian women who are interested in foreigners on dating sites. You are not going to meet many of them in clubs or anywhere similar.

Types of prostitutes at the Beach Club

If you stick to the Beach Club you are mainly going to meet Vietnamese women. They can get an easy visitors visa and they use it to make some money while they are in town. Working on a tourist stamp is illegal but so is prostitution. What are you going to do?

Other women can be found at the Beach Club too. There are usually some Cambodians, Thais, and the odd Filipina around. Women from Eastern Europe also show up but they tend to aim for Asian clientele. That’s probably because they seem “exotic” in Asia but would just be average in the eyes of most white Western guys.

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All of the women are in their twenties or thirties. Some might be even older. A lot of the Vietnamese have invested in plastic surgery, so you see a lot of fake boobs. Nose jobs are pretty common too. If that’s not your thing you can find women who are still au natural, but they’ve probably already had kids.

Some of the women at the Beach Club are aggressive enough to approach you. Usually that means they are desperate though. Like they couldn’t find any customers for a few days or they are on the last night of their visa. Some of the older and uglier girls try to latch on to guys too, because that’s the only way they can compete.

The better looking women just hang around and wait. They want to be approached by guys like you. There might be some chance of rejection but it is very unlikely. You’d have to be pretty messed up to get turned down by a hooker trying to make some quick bank.

After a bit of chit chat you can talk about going somewhere private. You don’t have to be totally forward about it unless you have weird kinks or special requests like a threesome. Everyone knows why they are at the Beach Club.

Price of prostitutes at the Beach Club

Everyone doesn’t necessarily know the price. As the women at the Beach Club are freelancers there are no set prices. Rates are determined on the spot. Usually the Beach Club girls want 300 to 400 Ringgit. At the current exchange rate of 4.15 Ringgit to 1 US Dollar, that means they’re looking for 70 to 100 bucks.

After that, it is as simple as walking outside and taking a cab to your room in a guest friendly hotel like the Federal Kuala Lumpur. There’s really nothing else to it.

Usually they will stay with you the whole night. Typically that entails at least two rounds of sex with a condom including mutual oral sex. It’s not a rule though. Basically you’re talking about two consenting adults making a contract for sexual service. Everything and anything is up for grabs.

Some women may want to do a “short time” and leave after. In that case they should theoretically accept a low rate of 200 Ringgit. Theory and reality don’t always match up though. Some women stick to whatever prices they set no matter what. Others are more reasonable about it and will take what they can get.

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