sex toy or real woman?

Male sex toys versus real women


In some ways women have always had it better. Sure they might get tied up and burned at the stake for witch craft because they could do math. But they could also pick up any long slim fruit or veg like a cucumber and stick it in their slit for pleasure!

Guys might have a serious advantage via the patriarchy. But what naturally occurring fruit or vegetables can we fuck? Best case scenario we have to find some apples then bake them into a pie if we want to get off with our food stuffs.

Even when sex toys started women had the win. First, the Chinese and Indians had their stone carved cocks. Guys were still left holding their nuts. Then dildos came. And high powered vibrators! It took years for the male sex toy market to catch up.

Things come around

Finally some genius came up with the rubber vagina or pocket pussy for men. At first it was like fucking a pencil eraser. Plus, it was hard to clean. But over the years things have improved. Today we have onaholes, prostate stimulators and even full sized sex dolls to fuck!

fuk machines

Now male sex toys have become so advanced. You may even be wondering if they are better than real women.

We are here to help guys in any way we can. That’s why this place is called the Guys Info Hub! So we are going to go down the board and look into this question in a serious manner. Are male sex toys better than real women? Let’s find out!

Male sex toys vs women

Women are probably the best thing on earth. Who can argue with that? Man is meant for woman and that is an undisputed fact. Even in this day and age of absolutely insanity the continuation of the human species relies on two things: sperm and ovaries. Men make sperm and women have ovaries.

Now relations between the sexes is another matter entirely. There are all kinds of social issues that we all face. Then there are the individual matters that come down between people. You might love her, but does she love you? Some guys are looking for sexual machines. But some women want to settle down in little houses on the prairie. You could even meet a woman and fall in love only for her to end up bent over by the gardener two years after you build your dream house together. Say goodbye to half your shit sucker!

What about male masturbators? Male sex toys never say no or turn you down. You don’t have to please them in any way. A little bit of maintanence is all it takes to get years of enjoyment out of your average plastisol cock sock. These days you can go all in and buy yourself a top end sex doll that is the size of a real lady without any of the bitchiness or threat of divorce. Some of the stuff out of the Japan these days is simply mind blowing.

Yet, what about dick blowing? Even the most expensive sex doll around just lays there right? How are you going to get your cock pumped to a level that leaves you satisfied? That’s no worry anymore thanks to stuff like the Auto Blow and the even more incredible Fuk Machine. Pop a plastic pussy on the end of the arm and let the piston do the rest. You can get back and sit down Indian style while the apparatus strokes you away into oblivion. Sure you might end up turning into a pornosexual gooner. But at least you won’t end up in divorce court or pissing razors thanks to an STI!

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