the best black sex doll

The best black sex doll


It’s no secret that we love big butts. Big black booties might be the best of all. If you’re anything like us then your cock stiffens at the mere mention of a chick like Nicki Minaj. The downside is that it’s not so easy to find a big backside whenever you want to bust a nut. So what is a guy to do? The safe, easy and pleasurable option is to grab a sex toy that is shaped like a huge ebony ass.

Most male sex toys are shaped like pussies. They tend to come with white skin and pink lips. We know that half of the fun is smacking off of a big round butt while you’re fucking. Especially if you’re getting in back shots from behind. For that kind of action you need a full size ass that you can really pound away on.

The Daisy sex doll fills that void. This 41.5 pound butt gives you everything you need to get off with none of the downsides. You get the ghetto booty without the horrors of the ghetto. It’s a full size fuckable ass complete with pussy and asshole. You can do whatever you want with it. It’s a great way to pass the time!

Bootylicious and brown

What is the Daisy sex doll anyway? Well, it’s a life sized male sex doll modeled on a real black ass. If you’ve ever seen an actual black woman’s beautiful backside then you already know what to expect here. This is a firm chunky ass with plenty of wobble. You can grab it by the hips and smash it doggystyle. You’ll see the brown skin ripple just like the real deal.

top black booty sex toy

Daisy has two holes. The first is a nice pussy with spread lips that feels like a nice tight va-jay-jay. The anus is just as awesome. It’s tight yet accommodating. Both slots are realistic. At the same time they are lined with stimulating bits that feel even better than the real thing.

If you want realism you can’t been this thing. At nearly fifty pounds it really gives you something to grab on to. You can even lay down and bang it in cowgirl style. The weight helps it move and glide on your rod like a real woman. Seriously, this is something you just have to experience. It’s big black booty with no risk to you!

Ebony butt cheeks to bang

By far the best thing about having a sex toy is that you own it outright. Once you pay for the thing it’s yours for the duration. You can do whatever you want with it. This ass can be smacked, smashed, licked, fucked and pumped full of jizz. It never says no. It just lays there and takes whatever you can dish out. Every guy should own their own personal piece of fuckmeat like this. It’s a great way to let out some hostilities!

You can jizz into these ebony butt cheeks until the cows come home. You’ll never have to worry about kids, child support, or a two timing woman leaving you. Just a lovely lifelike set of butt cheeks with fully functional holes that you can pump to your heart’s desire. It’s definitely worth the investment.

We’re talking about an extremely high quality toy here too. Tantaly is known around the world for making the best sex toys that money can buy. For a reasonable price they deliver some of the most realistic and pleasurable sex devices you will find anywhere. They’re made of great materials too. So they’re safe to use and as supple as real skin. Yet they are also long lasting and durable. Just don’t forget the water based lube!

The Daisy Big Ass Realistic Pussy Sex Doll has plenty of great features:

  • It is round and brown
  • It looks and feels real
  • It’s easy to maintain
  • It comes with its own storage container
  • It’s very high quality
  • It sells for a very fair price

Of course there is also a white (or “fair”) version of the Daisy 41.5lb Big Ass sex toy available. So if for some strange reason you are not down with the brown you can still have a great time with a full sized ass. For our money the black butt is the best thing going right now. We couldn’t recommend it more.

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