Syncbot sex toy review

Our review the Syncbot


The Syncbot is an automated male sex toy powered by a combination of robotics and artificial intelligence. What that means in layman’s terms is that it is an automatic wanking machine. This isn’t just some up-and-down pump and suck vacuum though. It actually syncs up with porno on your screen to give you the truest interaction porn experience you could ever have.

When we first got our hands on the Syncbot we figured it would be some super complicated computer hardware for nerds. Boy were we wrong. This thing is easier to set up than an iPhone!

You plug the provided dongle into your USB port, download some software, add your porn videos to a folder and hit process. That’s it! Now you can watch any of the porn you’ve processed while this machine strokes your cock off in rhythm with the action on the screen.

How the Syncbot works

What does that mean? Well, say you’re watching Asa Akira ride a BWC. Every time she picks up her pussy the machine will slide up on your shaft. When she drops her firm ass back down, the machine will slide down at the same speed on your dong.

The Syncbot

We’ve now tried the Syncbot with lots of different porn. Our favorite scenes to sync up have been handjobs and blowjobs. The machine just works perfectly with these scenes and it really feels like you’re experiencing the exact same thing as the lucky prick on the screen!

The best thing about the Syncbot is probably that the tightness also changes while the machine is in motion. It doesn’t just move up and down over and over like some 1980’s robot. It tightens and loosens grip, twists, turns and moves in all sorts of ways that are too complicated to explain. To make a long story short it is the next best thing to being there.

Syncbot vs pay-for-play

We actually prefer using the Syncbot to paying women for company or “special services.” Why? Well first of all there is no hassle here. You turn on the machine, pop in some porn, and the next thing you know you’re getting jerked, sucked, and fucked just like you were in the video!

how the syncbot works

What else? Well you’re not going to get arrested, robbed, or infected with any weird STDs when playing with your Syncbot. It’s all totally safe! Plus nobody has to know what’s going on but you. You’re not going to get blackmailed by your Syncbot down the road.

I mean who is going to disagree with us when we say that Robert Kraft would have been better off staying home and having a blast with a Syncbot than getting busted on a hidden camera in some shady parlor?

The only thing we haven’t tried yet is to pair the Syncbot with some high quality virtual reality porn. That would have to be really amazing. It gives us something to look forward to, but for now we’re quite satisfied getting regular stroke jobs from our favorite new fuck toy!

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