Mia tantly sex doll

Our review of the Mia sex doll


Here at Guys Info Hub we like big butts and we cannot lie. That doesn’t mean we can always find them though. Even if we do track down a nice juice ass there is no guarantee that we will get anywhere near it. A lot of chicks with big booties are hard nuts to crack!

What if there was a way to sink your rod nuts deep in your own big thick butt? We don’t mean bending your semi-hard boner around and fucking your own anus. We’re talking about having a nice meaty set of cheeks to bust any time you feel like.

That’s where the Mia sex doll comes in. It’s like all the best parts of a real woman with none of the problems that come with it. The Mia sex doll is a 20 pound jiggly ass with a set of holes you can fuck whenever you see fit. No complaints, no menstruation, no need to go on a romantic walk through the park. Just pull your stiff cock out and stick it in whenever the mood strikes!

A buttocks of your own

Mia is a compact yet full sized male sex toy that is tons of fun. It comes shipped in a box with three removable and reusable pussies. Each removable vagina has its own unique features and feelings. You can choose a nice tight cunt, a regular slit, or a looser used twat to fuck. Or you can just plug away at the tight little bunghole provided.

The pussies comes out of the doll so you can use them on their own or clean them out in the sink between uses. This is pretty convenient. So is having a watermelon sized sex toy made out of realistic material that looks and asks like a nice phat ass.

We especially love the size of the toy. When you’re banging it, you get the feeling that you’re with a nice full sized rump. Then when it’s time to put the toy away or hide it from prying eyes, you find that it’s actually not to big to stash. It’s also larger than a standard pocket pussy but smaller than a big bulky sex doll.

Always primed and ready to go

Let’s say you have a fat bottomed girlfriend. Or that you know the place to go for some local round Latina ass on the cheap. That doesn’t mean you are definitely going to get in the slot exactly when you want. All kinds of stuff can come up. When you own your ass full and outright, then you don’t have to worry about it.

What else? This Mia sex doll is never going to get knocked up. You don’t need to feed her either. She’s there for your full physical release all around the clock.

Plus with the three different pussies, you can mix up the hole and have whole different experiences. You aren’t getting that from any chica no matter how much blubber she’s packing in the trunk. There really is no comparison.

To summarize, there’s a lot to like about the Mia sex doll:

  • It’s plump and juicy
  • It’s realistic
  • It’s easy to clean
  • It’s easy to store
  • It comes with 3 pussies
  • High quality
  • Reasonable price

The Mia sex doll is a really unique torso with a wiggly unlike anything we’ve seen in a sex doll before. Any admirer of the ass is going to love this thing. Playing with offers a great time that can’t be matched by anything. For a literal piece of ass whenever you want it, you need to get yourself a Mia sex doll. We’re glad we have ours!

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