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Is it easy to hookup in Shanghai?


China is now considering the number two country in the world. And it still growing fast! It is quickly appearing on a lot of radars. Shanghai has long been considered the most international city of China. The foreign presence there goes way back So a lot of guys want to know if it is easy to hookup in Shanghai. The short answer is that it really isn’t, but there is a lot more to it than that.

In this guide, we are going to talk about the ease of hooking up in Shanghai. We’ll tell you everything involved with the quest to meet Chinese women in Shanghai. We’ll tell you about some pitfalls and point out what is most success. Finally, we’ll give you advice on avoiding restrictions that can make time spent in China difficult.

Hooking up in Shanghai

Shanghai is a major city filled with people who are no-nonsense. You get the vibe of it as soon as you step off the plane. If you are used to friendly smiling people from countries like Thailand and Cambodia, you may be in for a shock. But if you’re used to big cities like New York and London, you probably won’t be too surprised.

People walk around in Shanghai like they don’t have time for anyone else. And maybe they don’t. There are always exceptions, but in Shanghai even those can be problematic. An all-too-friendly person might just be fixing to run a shoe shine scam on you or something. So be careful.

You might have a modicum of success if you are very good at running day game. But if you don’t speak Chinese, that is not going to work in most cases. Some people can speak English in Shanghai, but very few people are fluent. This is just the reality.

The truth is, hooking in Shanghai just isn’t that easy. It is one of the most international and cosmopolitan of all the Chinese cities. A fair amount of people speak English there too. But it just isn’t simple to meet women and hook up. That’s why so many people go looking for the freelance prostitutes in Shanghai. But that is not the only option.

Online dating

Online dating is almost the best option in China. Unless you’re in a rural area, you aren’t going to be meeting a lot of women in person. That might be the opposite of what you expect. But in rural areas people are friendly and open to meeting men for marriage. In the cities, a lot of them are cold, cynical and in a hurry at any rate.

Shanghai is no exception. You’ll see a lot of women racing around from place to place. The hottest women will be in the clubs at night. But if you don’t speak their language and have money to splash around, you aren’t going to get far in most cases.

There are a lot of good girls in China. There are also a lot of hot “regular girls.” They might not wear Prada shoes and ride in BMWs. But they’re great women. And when they take their clothes off, a lot of them have very good bodies. Obesity is still rare in China, thankfully!

In our experience, Tinder is a waste of time in Shanghai. You don’t get many matches. Even when you do, it takes days or weeks to set up a date. That is if they respond at all. It reminds us of Tokyo in that respect. In East Asia, instant meet ups just aren’t common.

Asian Match Mate

If you want to meet women in Shanghai, do yourself a favor. Get a membership to Asian Match Mate and start talking to women now. Establish some connections well in advance. That way, you will have a good chance at actually meeting women when you get on the ground. If you show up with no contacts, the chances of you hooking up with women in Shanghai are frankly rather low.

Remember that a lot of totally normal websites like Google and apps like Google maps are blocked in China. So you should have sign up for a VPN service before you go to China. If you don’t, your internet usage is going to be heavily restricted. You won’t be able to look at porn or even access a lot of sites and social media that you think are totally innocent. Take our word on this, or find out what life was like before the internet all over again.

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