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How to meet women in Tokyo, Japan


Japanese women are world famous for their beauty. Japanese porn is watched around the globe because J-girls are hot. Other Japanese culture like anime is popular too. People traveling to Japan usually start out in Tokyo. Most of them even stay there. Understandably, a lot of guys want to meet women in Tokyo.

In this guide on how to meet women in Tokyo for relationships or sex, we are going to tell you everything you want to know. Dating and hooking up in Tokyo isn’t always easy, but there are a lot of options.

Meeting women in Tokyo

If you are into paying for it, Tokyo has a huge fuzoku scene with tons of options. Jan Jan is a famous blowjob bar open to foreigners. Plus there are dating clubs like Kirari Community Cafe and Universe Club set up for compensated dating. For the purposes of this article, we are going to assume that you don’t want to get into pay-for-play.

There are a lot of other places to meet women in Tokyo. Whether you are looking for a Japanese girlfriend or just a hookup in Tokyo you can succeed. Just follow our advice in this post and you should do well. Even guys who have no lucky with women at home usually meet Japanese women in Tokyo. We’ve all seen that ugly guy with the hot J-girl walking around. They should be an inspiration for all of us.

Where to meet women in Tokyo

You can meet women all over Tokyo. It is one of the biggest cities in the world. There are ladies everywhere. Office girls and fashionistas cover the streets. You see them in cafes, malls and the all important train stations. You see them on the trains too, but you aren’t supposed to talk there.

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Day game does work in Tokyo. It is so common and popular there’s even a Japanese name for it. It’s called nanpa. Nanpa is more about numbers than anything. The success rate is usually pretty low. The guys just hit on a whole bunch of women.

You can definitely try nanpa in Tokyo. Train stations are the most popular place to do it. You have an endless supply of women coming in and out of the station. You can get a number or if you’re really good you might even be able to convince a Japanese girl to join you in a local love hotel.

In reality you probably aren’t going to do so well with day game in Tokyo. Most Japanese women don’t speak English. Unless you speak Japanese, you are going to have a very hard time communicating.

Meeting women in Roppongi

Roppongi is a section of Tokyo well known by foreigners. It also the most well known place in Tokyo for foreigners to meet women. Japanese women known as “foreigner chasers” who love foreign guys go there to meet men. There are a lot of bars and clubs. You can even meet women on the streets at night.

During the day Roppongi is basically a regular area. At night it comes alive. Popular pickup places in Roppongi include:

Roppongi is no secret. The cat has been out of the bag for years. You can still meet women there, but it’s not what it used to be. Every Tom, Dick and Harry goes to Roppongi looking for women. So there’s a lot of competition. Some of the foreigner chasers are worn down and hardened too. You won’t meet many fresh Japanese babes.

Dating sites and apps

With day game limited by the language barrier and Roppongi packed with guys, dating sites and apps are your best option for meeting women in Tokyo. This also gives you more time to play the game. Japanese people are famous for working their lives away. That limits your options. Even if you meet a woman she might schedule a first date for the next week. If you arrange everything online you can plan accordingly, especially if you’re on a short trip.

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Tinder doesn’t work so well in Japan. There are many women on Tinder in Tokyo, but they rarely reply even if you match with them. The infamous American Tinder killer in Tokyo may have something to do with that. Truthfully though, Tinder was hit or miss long before that maniac came along. It probably has something to do with a lack of English language skills. Japanese people working all of the time doesn’t help either. People putting in ten hours at the office every day can’t keep checking their phones for matches.

We have found that OK Cupid is the best dating site in Japan. It works better than any app or website we have tested. A lot of women on Tinder don’t speak English. They’re looking for likes to up their self-esteem or they want to meet Japanese guys. You don’t have that problem at OK Cupid.

With it’s email style messaging system you have the time to go back and forth and really establish a relationship. That works a lot better in Japan, especially when you are a foreigner. You can make the woman you’re talking to comfortable. Then she is much more likely to meet. A lot of great relationships and even marriages have come from OK Cupid.

Chat with Japanese women now

If you’re not in Japan you can still set up an account at a dating site. In fact, you absolutely should. You’ll have plenty of time to meet some Japanese women that way. Then you can set up dates for when you arrive in Japan. It also works if you are already in Japan. You just have to work faster or give it a little time.

If you have no patience or just want to start chatting with hot Japanese women now, why not check out Sakura Live? It’s the only adult chat site with real Japanese women. They’ll are all sexy and ready to go too. For as little as three bucks you can set up and account and get the Japanese women to chat with you nude. We don’t know of any better way to practice talking to Japanese women. Surely every student would do well if they’re teacher was a hot Japanese babe with big boobs!

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