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How to meet women in Japan on the internet


Japan is a great place filled with beautiful women. But that doesn’t do you any good if you can’t meet the women. Watching the girls go by is a way to spend some time. Actually meeting attractive local women is a lot better.

It can be hard to meet women in Japan if you don’t know what to do. Japanese people are friendly but they can seem cold when you’re in the busy cities. As a foreigner you might stand out somewhat too. On top of all of that, there is a language barrier. But there is a solution. You can meet local Japanese women on the internet.

Everyone knows that Japan is a center of technology. Everyone in Japan uses the internet. A lot of social interaction kicks off on the internet even if it later goes over into real life. Sure, you already know about this kind of stuff with online dating. But there are easier ways than that, at least in Japan.

Asian Dating is a relationship forum where you can meet Japanese locals. It is super easy to use. You can either go and browse the posts, or you can click “post” at the top of the page and make your own listing.

You can post in English or Japanese. Both languages are common on Asian Dating. A few people even post in Chinese or other languages. But English and Japanese are probably best for maximum readers. If you want to use Japanese to appeal more to locals, just use an app like Google translate. Or you can post in both languages for the maximum effect.

What really sets Asian Dating apart from other message boards and forums is that you can attach a phone number or username for a chat app. Right at the top of each post you will see contact information like a username for Line or a phone number for Whatsapp. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time going through random links just to get in touch with someone. It’s even more direct than Craigslist, which isn’t so hot in Japan anyway.

People look for different things on Asian Dating. You can see guys looking to meet women and women looking to meet guys. Some people just want to make friends. Other people want to date or hookup. There are of course also some who seem to be working. It’s the kind of healthy mix any man with a heartbeat can appreciate.

Asian Dating really makes it easy to meet locals in Japan. So you don’t have to feel lonely even when surrounded by crowds in big Japanese cities like Tokyo. Just find someone and start chatting. Or make a post yourself and wait for the messages to come in to you.

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