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Guide to dating clubs in Tokyo


Dating in Tokyo can be hard. There is a serious language barrier. There are also cultural differences. Finally there is the fact that Japanese people work around the clock. So even if you meet a woman, she may never find time to spend with you. That’s why dating clubs in Tokyo are so popular. They work for foreigners too!

In this guide to dating clubs in Tokyo, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about places set up for meeting women. We’ll give you names and locations of date clubs, tell you what they charge, and tell you what to expect. Finally, we’ll tell you about alternatives to dating clubs that you might actually prefer.

What are dating clubs?

There are two kinds of dating clubs. You have the “date cafes” and you have the “membership clubs.” There are also some other arrangements in Japan including reverse date cafes and such. We aren’t going to get into them in this guide. We’re sticking to the main path. This is what you’re likely to see as a foreigners.

The date cafes are open to everyone. Women go inside whenever they want. They then sit in a room with books, Wi-Fi and television. Meanwhile guys show up and look at the available women. If you like a woman, you tell the waiter. He brings you and the woman to a private room. You then talk about what you want to do. Some people go hang out, but truthfully most have sex in a nearby love hotel.

Membership clubs are more involved. Women sign up at the club. The club takes their pictures, videos, and a bunch of other information. They also record how willing the women are to have sex on the first date. Guys also show up, but they don’t have to give as much information. After you’re a member, you can browse all the women in the club. Then you can schedule dates with whoever you like. Some people do really just date, but others go from the date to a private room for sex.

Dating cafes in Tokyo

The biggest group of date cafes in Tokyo are the Kirari Cafes. They are a date cafe chain that exists all over Tokyo. You can find them in Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and other places. They work just like we said above. First you have to sign up for a membership and pay 2000 Yen. After that, you can go in whenever you want.

If you see a chick inside that you like, just tell a waiter. He’ll call her to meet you in a private booth. There you can talk for a couple of minutes. Usually though, you just want to get to the point. You can say you want sex and offer 20,000 Yen. A lot of times they’ll go for it. It’s that easy.

You can expect to see all kinds of girls in Kirari. There are tanned brown babes and office workers. There are university students looking for extra money, office ladies, and occasionally even white chicks looking for some quick money and Japanese dick. Just make sure you know at least basic Japanese, or bring your phone and Google translate!

Dating clubs in Tokyo

If you are nervous about this kind of walk-in deal or you can’t speak Japanese at all, a dating club is going to be a better option. Of course this isn’t cheap at all. You are going to spend some money signing up, paying date setting fees, and then paying the chicks. If your money isn’t right, this is not the way to go. But if you have some money to spare, it’s about the best option there is for guaranteed dating with hot Japanese women!

The best dating club for foreigners has got to be Universe Club. The reason is for that is that they have a whole English-language section. That means they have people working there fluent in English. They can set you up for everything. Then you can browse the website in English too. Because they have an English version.

Like we said, it’s going to cost some dough though. Expect to pay several hundred dollars worth of yen when it is all said and done. But if you play your cards right, you can end up with a fun date followed by a roll in the hay with a sexy Japanese television star if you play your cards right. There are certainly worse ways to spend money!

Online dating in Tokyo

If you have read our guide to meeting women in Tokyo, then you know that online dating is a valid option. Obviously, this route isn’t going to provide instantaneous action like an in-person dating club. You are going to have to put in a little work and wait at least a few days to meet a woman face-to-face.

That doesn’t mean this option is worse. In our opinion, it can even be better. That’s because you can sign up for an account at a dating site right now, long before you arrive in Tokyo. Then you have plenty of time to start chatting up women on the site. You can make them comfortable and arrange to meet when you’re in town. You can also weed out any women that don’t match your expectations.

Another good thing about dating sites that are in English, is that you know all the women there are into foreigners. At Universe Club, they can help you match with a woman who likes foreign guys. But at a date cafe, you might run into women who just aren’t interested in gaijin. Or they might be interested, but unable to get over the language barrier. So always remember the online dating option. And if all else fails, don’t forget about the pink salons! You always have alternatives in Tokyo. It’s a huge city with millions of people.

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