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How to meet good girls in Phnom Penh


Cambodia is really developing and opening up to the world. A lot of people are traveling there and finding the locals to be warm and hospitable, including lovely Cambodian ladies. Since Khmer girls have reputations as being such amazing girlfriends and even wives, a lot of guys want to know where to meet good girls in Phnom Penh.

In this guide to meeting girls you can take home to mom, we are going to break down the dating situation in Phnom Penh. By the time you get to the end of this article, you will be ready to go out and meet some good Khmer girls of your own.

Are there any good girls in Phnom Penh?

Are there any good girls in Phnom Penh? A better question might be: “are there any naughty girls in Phnom Penh.” The answer to both questions is yes, but the good girls outnumber the so-called bad girls by a rate of about 100 to 1.

The naughty Cambodian girls are in the minority, but they are easy to find. Most can be located in the girly bars or in places like Pontoon night club. The good girls on the other hand are all around you. They are the hundreds of thousands of ladies doing regular jobs like running cash registers and bank tills. The difficult thing is getting to know them.

Dating in Phnom Penh

Dating in Phnom Penh is more or less like dating anywhere else. Or at least it is like dating used to be before people started ordering up hookups to their door from Tinder like they were using Smooci.

If you are meeting with a good girl, you can just grab a coffee together in any of the city’s millions of coffee shops. Okay, there aren’t really millions but the number isn’t that far off. Anyway this is a normal place to meet a professional and chat. If you’re going for a more rural or salt-of-the-earth girl, you can even just go for a walk on the riverside or have some street food in front of the Royal Palace. There are some nice movie theaters in Phnom Penh now too, but those aren’t usually places people go for first dates in this part of the world.

Don’t be surprised if a girl shows up for a date with her friend or sister as a chaperone. It’s not as common as it used to be, but it still happens. Real “good girls” don’t go out alone with guys in public. Blue collar and rural ladies are more likely to follow this rule today. Women who work in offices are more likely to be confident enough to show up on their own.

Most Cambodian women do not have sex before they are married. Some might look at that as a bad thing. We tend to think it’s one of the many signs of how good most Cambodian women really are. It’s part of the reason they make incredible serious girlfriends and wives.

Where to find Phnom Penh’s good girls

You might have some luck with day game in Phnom Penh. If you stick to bank tellers and cashiers at shops in the malls you have a good chance of meeting some really good women who can speak English. It is pretty easy to get phone numbers and set up meetings if you aren’t a slime ball.

There is a chance of rejection going that route too, but Khmer girls are likely to let you down easily. They might even give their number but just not return your call or text. You have much better chances if you go about things methodically. You can do that by joining a dedicated dating site that will put you in touch with Khmer girls looking to meet foreigners.


When it comes to dating sites, Asian Dating is your best bet for meeting Cambodian women. Any lady on that site is interested in meeting foreigners. She’s probably looking for a serious relationship too. Tinder isn’t too good in Phnom Penh, and it’s no place to meet a good girl anyway.

If you are looking to make a serious match with a Khmer woman, set up an account on Asian Dating and spend some time browsing the many profiles there. Then just send some messages out and go with the flow. By the time you get to Phnom Penh you’ll have a group of lovely ladies just waiting to meet. You can probably even get your favorite to meet you at the airport.

An alternative is to ask some local friends to introduce you to a good girl for marriage. This is how a lot of Cambodian people still do things. Of course it is not so easy to just make local friends good enough to introduce you to a potential spouse. If you are already established in Cambodia enough to make friends like that, you probably don’t need our guide at all. If you are not one of those lucky few, follow the advice we gave you above and you should do alright.

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