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How to get from Phnom Penh airport to your room


More and more guys are going to Phnom Penh. The secret is out. The country is one of the fastest growing in the world. The people are sweet and authentic. It’s what the “land of smiles” was twenty years ago. It’s alive and vibrant! If you plan on visiting, you need to know how to get from Phnom Penh airport to your room.

We’re going to assume you’ve already read our guide on where to stay in Phnom Penh. If you haven’t, you should. As we explained in that article, you really want to stay in the riverside. That’s the place to be if you want to maximize your chances with sexy Cambodian women.

The only real alternative is to get an apartment or book an Airbnb in the Russian Market area. That works if you plan on staying more than a week or two. It will help you establish yourself in the city and meet more “regular girls” who aren’t going to any hotels with foreigners.

Getting from Phnom Penh airport to your room

Unless you’ve made an arduous overland trip, you will probably arrive in Cambodia at the Phnom Penh International Airport. It is in the Pochetong area of Phnom Penh. It is not a large airport even though it recently doubled in size.

After you pass through immigration and baggage collection you go through customs. Next you go through some automatic doors and you’re outside in the Cambodian heat. A lot of people are waiting there for friends and family. There are also some touts. You want to avoid all of that.

If you look to the left you’ll see a queue of taxis. They aren’t yellow or bright like Bangkok taxis. They’re just tan colored old Toyota Camrys. But these are the vehicles you want to take. All you have to do is walk up to the first taxi in line. They’ll quickly respond.

After the airport doubled in size the prices of the taxis did too. The taxis now charge $15 to take you to the riverside or the Russian Market area. This is a big increase from the $10 it cost just a couple years ago. It’s still pretty cheap, but it’s more expensive than a taxi ride from the airport to your room in Bangkok.

The taxis are pretty honest in Phnom Penh. You still need to be a little careful though. Never let your guard down totally. Just pay the fifteen dollars total when you arrive at your hotel. Try to have exact change. Some drivers claim they don’t have change. If you don’t have exact change, just ask your hotel or go to a mini-mart and buy something small. The taxi will wait.

Alternate methods of travel

There are other ways to get from the Phnom Penh airport to your room in the city, but taxis are the best. Taxis have air conditioners. They’re safer if you get in an accident. You’re also protected from bag and phone snatching thieves.

A train recently opened up. It’s an old style locomotive. The station is across the street from the airport. It drops people off at the train station, which isn’t near anything. You’ll still need transportation after. Avoid.

You can take a tuk tuk from the airport to your room too. But tuk tuks cost almost as much as taxis. So you’re sitting in traffic for thirty minutes or an hour breathing exhaust fumes and sweating. You’re more susceptible to getting your bag snatched too!

Tuk tuk drivers who pick you up right at the airport exit want about $10 to take you to the riverside. If you make the long walk to the main road you might be able to negotiate with a tuk tuk there to take you for $7. But is it worth it?

For just fifteen bucks, it’s clear that taking a taxi is the best bet. Cambodia isn’t the cheapest place in the world. Especially since they use the American dollar for their currency. But a fifteen dollar taxi ride is worth the peace of mind.

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When you arrive at the airport, there are always some Cambodian babes waiting in front of the exit. They are there looking for their family and friends. Some are waiting for their foreign boyfriends. You could be one of those guys. Wouldn’t it feel great to get greeted by a sweet Khmer beauty after a long flight?

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