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How hard is it to hookup in Chiang Mai?


More and more men are heading to Chiang Mai. It has a reputation as a cheap and chill place that is great for living. Chiang Mai women also have the reputation as being the best looking in Thailand. So guys obviously want to know, just how hard is it to hookup in Chiang Mai?

In this guide we are going to tell you what you need to know as a foreign guy who wants to hookup in Chiang Mai. We’ll break the local scene down so you can understand what’s going on. By the end of it all, you’ll be equipped for heading out and hooking up in Northern Thailand.

Hookup in Chiang Mai

Hooking up in Chiang Mai not be easy, but you have much better chances at a one night stand there than in nearby Pai. Chiang Mai isn’t as fast and furious as Bangkok, or nearly as naughty as Pattaya. It is filled with lovely ladies though, including many beautiful college girls.

The biggest obstacle in Chiang Mai is the language barrier. Most Thai girls just don’t speak English. It really is that plain and simple. If you speak Thai you will be way ahead of the game. Any foreign guy who can speak Thai in Chiang Mai has a whole world of opportunity opened up to him. If you can’t speak Thai, fear not. There are still a lot of options.

Day game in Chiang Mai

Does day game work in Chiang Mai? If you speak Thai it might. Otherwise you’re probably not going to have much success, at least if you are aiming at hooking up with Thai girls. Thai people aren’t confrontational anyway, so the whole concept of cold approaching women in public doesn’t go over very well.

Chiang Mai does have a lot of malls. Like any city in Thailand, it probably even has too many. Some of them are nearly dead with almost no one inside. But malls are probably your best bet for meeting women during the day. If they work at a store there is even a small chance they speak English. But don’t count on it. This is Thailand after all.

Hooking up with backpackers

Chiang Mai has been a stop on the Southeast Asian backpacker trail for decades. The original hippies forged the path before the days of Lonely Planet and Couch Surfing. Nowadays a less adventurous set has taken over, but the hostels are still full of backpack carrying European and American women in their twenties.

A lot of backpackers are hippie types who are into free love and other sterotypical mantras. If you can put up with talk about yoga and Eastern mysticism, there’s a really good chance you can take a backpacker babe to bed.

You can sometimes luck out and catch backpackers on Tinder, but the odds are low. Even if you find some to swipe on you might not get a response. The backpacker chicks in Chiang Mai are more focused on eating organic spinach dip than smartphones. They’re trying to get in touch with themselves and all that. If you want to get in touch with them in the realest sense of the phrase, you are better off going to some hippie hangouts.

Meeting girls at clubs in Chiang Mai

You can meet backpackers at all the usual haunts: glutten-free vegan smoothie shops, hostels and free beer giveaways. But you can also meet them at nightclubs. Chiang Mai has several nightclubs and they all fill up with people. Some of the best clubs in Chiang Mai for meeting girls are:

The great thing about these clubs is that they are also good places to meet Thai women and other travelers. Lots of Chinese people travel to Chiang Mai all the time. That includes plenty of hot Chinese chicks. They are more likely to head to the clubs when they are randy than to open an app that is probably banned in their home country.

There are more backpackers and freelance prostitutes at Zoe In Yellow. If that’s your thing, head there. If you want a more Thai experience with a higher percentage of “regular” local ladies, you should check out Warm Up Cafe. Spicy is one of the longest running clubs in Chiang Mai and it gets a good mix of all sorts of people. If you can only go to one club, that might be your best bet.

Swingers in Chiang Mai

For a peaceful mountain town of such size, Chiang Mai has a surprising high number of swingers. They mostly seem to be interracial or “mixed” couples with farang guys and local Thai girls. They get off on group sex or in some cases just having the female half of the couple get done by other guys in a hotwife or cuckold type of scenario. We’re not here to judge. We just tell you like it is.

Craigslist used to be filled with listings from Chiang Mai swingers. Craigslist closed its personals section but the swingers didn’t pack up and leave the city. Now you can find Chiang Mai swingers at Adult Friend Finder. The site is worth a membership in Asia where it seems to work better than almost any other part of the world.

If you’re up for adventure and looking to meet like minded people, that is basically your only option. Otherwise you’ll be stuck swiping through hundreds of Tinder profiles hoping to find the hotwife or poly princess of your dreams.

Dating sites and apps

Dating sites and apps are going to give you the best chance at hooking up in Chiang Mai. Tinder does work, but there is a lot involved. Most Thai women don’t message you even if you manage to match with them. Even if you do get a response you’re again stuck with the language barrier.

Purpose-built Thai dating sites are better than Tinder because they are filled with women who want to meet foreign guys like you. Thai chicks on Tinder in Chiang Mai might be looking for Thai guys or just testing the popularity of their pictures. Any woman who is on a Thai dating site is serious about meeting farang guys and probably even speaks English.

Thai Friendly

Because Thai girls are so popular around the world there are many Thai dating sites. The most successful and our personal favorite is Thai Friendly. Both are full of Thai women who want to meet guys. Some are looking for love or long term relationships, but plenty are up for fun too. Just browse the site and see for yourself.

If you spend a little money you can get premium accounts that let you send all the messages you like. This is really a prerequisite if you are series about meeting Thai girls in Chiang Mai. You can even start messaging back and forth before you get there so you can meet face to face when you arrive. Getting that kind of head start enables you to maximize your time in town.

Women don’t have to spend money to get free reign on the dating sites. That is a good thing because it encourages them to sign up and be active. While Thai women generally aren’t aggressive, a surprising number on the dating sites will send messages to men they find attractive or interesting. Every time you log in you’re likely to see more notes in your inbox. More notes means more chances to meet. So what are you waiting for?

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