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Where to meet women in Pai, Thailand


Do you know Pai? It’s a small mountain town in Northern Thailand. Not long ago it was pretty unknown. It’s starting to get a lot more popular now. Backpackers and assorted hippies really love the place. But others there too since it’s on the “Mae Sot Loop.” If you ever do find yourself in the area, chances are you will want to find some female company. What guy wouldn’t? We’ve got you covered with this guide to meet women in Pai.

Of course there are Thai women in Pai. You expect that. On top of them and the backpacker chicks, there are also people from other groups in Pai. That’s because Pai is in the north of the country. A lot of hill tribes lives there. People come over from Myanmar too. So even though it’s a small town, there is a lot of diversity.

Getting to Pai

Pai has an airport, but no one really uses it. It’s a small town that you reach by road. Most people probably go there from Chiang Mai. It’s an easy drive, but the roads are windy and mountainous. All kinds of buses go to Pai. They leave from the Arcade bus station. Trucks and taxis will take you too, but you’ll pay around 1200 Baht. You can even drive yourself with a cheap rental car if you’re adventurous.

There’s not much to Pai itself. It’s just a few streets. You can walk most of the place. You don’t need to worry that much about transportation. If you do need to get around, that’s not hard either. In Thailand there is always some way to get around.

You can rent a motorbike right in Pai for about 100 Baht a day. There are places right on the Main Street. You will have to leave your passport and maybe even a deposit. But it is a good option if you want to explore.

How to meet women in Pai

Any guy who is in Thailand for any reason needs a membership to Thai Friendly. It’s a huge dating website that is used by women all across Thailand. There are lots of genuine women there looking for love. There are also freelancers and bar girls, plus plenty of easy chicks looking for a hookup on the site. You’re not complete in Thailand if you don’t have a Thai Friendly membership.

You can actually sign up and browse Thai Friendly for free. The problem is you can only send one message every ten minutes. That gets old fast. Just spend a few bucks and get a membership. You will be very glad you did. Women don’t need to pay to use Thai Friendly, so they’re all over it.

Original Thai beauty

Women in Northern Thailand have a reputation for being beautiful. If you ask Thai people they will say women in the Chiang Mai area are the prettiest. When you go to Chiang Mai and Pai, you will quickly see what they are talking about. The town is filled with beautiful women.

For some reason there seem to be a lot of women from Pai on Thai Friendly at the moment. It could just be because we are looking for them specifically at the moment. Whatever the case, the ladies are there on the site and in higher numbers than the population would lead you to believe.

Local women probably aren’t going to meet you instantly after meeting online. So we recommend browsing Thai Friendly and making contact before you arrive. That kind of pipe-lining will really increase your odds of meeting women in Pai.

Both sites are used by women all over the country. That includes Pai! The place is a little out of the way. If you use an app like Tinder you aren’t going to find that many local girls. You will probably only really see backpacker chicks in the area.


If backpacker chicks are your thing, more power to you. There are a lot of free love hippie types among them. They’re all about peace and love. Unfortunately, they’re not so much about taking a shower or putting on some makeup.

A lot of guys leave the west precisely because they don’t want to deal with shit from women there. We totally understand that. It seems unlikely that any western backpacker is going to beat a lovely local in femininity, but we do admit that experienced western women might have more skill in the bedroom. Women from the mountains around Pai will be great girlfriend materials. They aren’t going to be able to deep throat or pull porn star maneuvers.

If you’re looking for local ladies, we recommend Thai Friendly. If you’re more into a quick easy score with backpackers, Tinder will probably be more effective.

Because a lot of the backpackers are “tune out” types, you might have better luck meeting them in person. Pai is small but there are some popular backpacker bars:

Both of these bars play reggae music and fill up at night. There’s no shortage of backpackers at these bars, but it’s highly unlikely that you’ll meet any local babes at either place. Bring your own soap.

Sweet talk or get out of town

Unfortunately, there is no real “pay for play” scene in Pai. There probably is at least one local brothel. If so, we haven’t been able to find it. If you know about anything like that, please do post a comment.

Fortunately, Pai is still low on foreigners. That means you stand out among the crowd. Even the foreigners who are in Pai mostly stick to “their own kind.” Any local lady who meets you in Pai is probably very interested. All you have to do is put on a little charm. There shouldn’t be much else to it.

If you don’t want to go that route, you might be able to find a short financial fling. The best way to do that would be to get on Thai Friendly and start chatting with some likely candidates. If that doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to ask attendants in hotels and taxi drivers. That’s the old school “boots on the ground” way to do it, but it still works.

Of course you could always keep moving on too. You can be in either Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai in a few hours. Both of those places have plenty of women looking more for money than love.

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