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Are sex toys legal in Thailand?


Thailand is one of the most visited countries in the world. Millions of people visit every year. A lot of them are having sex in the land of smiles. When they see prostitutes all over the place they might think anything goes. It doesn’t. Thailand takes some sexual stuff pretty seriously. We even have to ask: are sex toys legal in Thailand?

Porn is actually illegal in Thailand. If you’ve seen Creampie Thais you might doubt that, but it’s true. People have gotten into trouble for making porn in Thailand. Personal use seems to be mostly tolerated though. Unless someone important gets upset.

Legal status of sex toys in Thailand

So, are sex toys legal in Thailand? We can’t be totally sure, but everything we’ve seen suggests that sex toys are illegal in Thailand. That would explain why there are no sex toy stores around even though there are plenty of go go bars with naked dancers.

It’s not that cut and dry though. Some big police famously inspected street sellers in Bangkok recently. It created a huge photo op. The day after the inspections pictures of cops looking at dildos and plastic pussies were all over the media. Yet sex toy sellers are still in the same place with their various marital aids. So what gives?

Sukhumvit sex toy stall

If you read our post on the legality of sex toys in Cambodia you’ll know that rules aren’t always rules in Southeast Asia. What is written on the papers isn’t always what happens. Bribery is illegal across the region but it goes on regularly. It is what it is.

Thailand doesn’t seem to be as strict about sex toys as Cambodia. In Cambodia women are arrested when found with dildos. In Thailand there’s a whole cave full of rubber penises and the authorities have a laugh.

Where to buy sex toys in Thailand

Although sex toys are possibly illegal, they’re sold openly all over the country. You’re probably not going to see a dildo display on main street in Pai, but in bigger cities they’re pretty common.

In Bangkok you can buy sex toys from sellers on Sukhumvit throughout the night. There are also dildo sellers around Patpong after the sun goes down.

In Chiang Mai you can buy sex toys from sellers in front of the Night Bazaar at night. They aren’t as common as Bangkok, but they’re around. Check around the Burger King.

In Pattaya sex toys are sold by vendors on Beach Road. They’re not on sand side. That’s where the hookers stand. The toy vendors set up tables on the other side of the road near the malls and markets.

None of the sex toys we’ve seen sold in Thailand are very good. Some of them even look like factory rejects. You can’t expect much from people selling fake ding dongs on the street. If you want some good sex toys you should order them online. Just buy your sex toys from a reliable online store like Kanojo Toys before you go to Thailand. You don’t want to try to get a big rubber penis mailed to your hotel or condo. If you’re already in Thailand, you’re stuck with whatever you can find on the road.

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