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Where to find freelance prostitutes in Jakarta


Indonesia is a huge country. Jakarta is its capital. For the size of both places, they don’t get much coverage. Especially when it comes to naughty nightlife and male fun. But as we will show in this guide on where to find freelance prostitutes in Jakarta, there are tons of sexual women looking for money around.

Freelance prostitutes are only one component of the semi-underground sex industry in Jakarta. They might not even make up ten percent of the sex workers in the city. But they are really popular for a lot of foreigners who don’t want to navigate brothels for whatever reason.

In this guide, we will tell you everything you need to know about freelance hookers in Jakarta. We’ll tell you what they are like and where they can be found. Then we will tell you how much they charge for sex. We’ll also include some warnings and advice to help you stay safe on the ground.

Freelance prostitutes in Jakarta

Jakarta is a huge city of almost 10 million people. There’s a lot of sex and fun going on. You can’t always see it, but it’s there. Even a lot of the women walking around that you would probably think are “good girls” are selling sex at least part time. It’s a common practice. The chicks that do it on their own without a boss or work agreement are freelancers.

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Freelance prostitutes in Jakarta can vary from nineteen year old college chicks looking for extra money to worn out old hookers who can’t find any other way to make money. You can pay anywhere between twenty and three hundred US dollars for sex with different freelance ladies of the night. It’s all out there if you take the time to look. Or just read our guide here as we break down the various freelance prostitutes in Jakarta.

Freelancer bars in Jakarta

A lot of guys like to meet freelance prostitutes in bars. For them, it feels more like a romantic pick up than a financial arrangement. Other guys think it is a big waste of time. Those guys pay for sex precisely so they don’t have to waste time and energy and risk getting turned down. We can understand both perspectives. For the first bunch, there are a few good options in Jakarta. For the others, there are alternatives that we will talk about later.

There are basically two main freelancer bars in Jakarta that are frequented by foreigners. They are:

  1. CJ’s
  2. B.A.T.S.

CJ’s bar is located inside of the Hotel Mulia Senayan. B.A.T.S. is located inside of the high-end Shangri-La Hotel.

Until recently, you could also find a lot of freelancers in various bars down in Blok M. For many years, Blok M was the main hang out area for foreigners looking to get laid. But nowadays the place is on its last legs. It’s really dying. The taxi mafia there doesn’t even try to rip off tourists anymore. Even they gave up!

Both CJ’s and B.A.T.S. are still going as strong as they ever were. They are hotel bars where freelancers congregate. The hookers put on dresses and high class airs. With that they are somehow able to charge higher rates than most freelancers you would find elsewhere. A lot of them are on the older side of the game too, but they might have experience or more English ability than hookers in a place like the Classic Hotel.

In the clubs and streets

When it comes to nighclubs, finding freelance prostitutes is very easy. For some people this is a problem. If you are looking to meet “regular girls” you might get annoyed by an over abundance of freelance prostitutes. But for those who know the value of paying for sex, it is a real blessing. Just make sure you don’t run into any of the parasitic chicks who hang out in the clubs just so they can get free drinks or more. Sometimes they even ask for “a tip” or “taxi money” for the pleasure of standing near you for a few minutes. These are people to be totally avoided.

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There are plenty of freelance and part time hookers in the clubs too though. You just have to learn how to separate them from the others. If you find a gem, you might end up having sex with a really hot Indonesian chick. And you’ll probably pay around 500,000 to 1,000,000 Rupiah. At $35 to $70 US dollars that’s more than you pay at Classic. But it’s still not bad. Especially considering that some old bags in the hotel bars want 3 million Rupiah or more!

Street freelancers can be found at all hours of the day or night. You just have to know where to look. They don’t necessarily look worse than the women you would find elsewhere. Sometimes they even look better. It’s not likely they speak English. But they’ll charge less than 300,000 Rupiah including the room. It’s a deal if you can find it.

Finding freelancers online

As is the case in a lot of cities today, the internet is probably the best place to find freelance prostitutes. The fact of the matter is that you can look at more women in a few minutes on your phone or computer than you can see in a whole night out scouring Jakarta. Locals know this too. A lot of Indonesian guys also stick to the internet to find their ladies of the night.

Twitter is actually a major platform for freelance prostitutes in Jakarta to find customers. But it is too tough for most foreigners to figure out. Especially if they don’t speak the Indonesian language. thankfully there are lots of other options.

You can find freelancers on Tinder if you put in a little time and effort. A free account there limits how much you can do though. You can pay money for an upgraded account. Or you can check out all the various other sites. Just put in a little work online. Before you know it, you’ll have more options than you could ever hope to actually get through. That’s how abundant freelance prostitutes are in Jakarta.

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