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Guide to happy ending massage in Tokyo


Japan is pretty famous for things of a sexual nature. But most guys probably stay home beating off to Japanese porn instead of heading to Japan and getting beat off. Meanwhile there are guys getting their rocks off as this guide to happy ending massage in Tokyo will show. Full body massage with orgasm included is really common in Japan’s largest city.

In this guy’s guide, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about foreigner-friendly happy ending massage in Tokyo. We’ll give you information on the prices of happy ending massage in Tokyo. Then we’ll tell you where you can find it. Finally, we will compare a few of the most popular massage parlors and services.

Happy ending massage in Tokyo

Prostitution is a strange thing in Tokyo. It’s obviously widespread. You can find it all over the place. Some of it is legal, and some is not. Then there are the grey areas. Basically it breaks down like this. You can’t pay for vaginal intercourse legally, unless you go to a soapland. You can pay for anything else legally, from handjobs to blowjobs to even anal sex.

happy ending massage in tokyo

Here we are talking about happy ending massage. What we mean by that is that you get a body massage and either a handjob or blowjob at the end. From the customers perspective, this is legal. You aren’t going to get arrested for going to a jack shack. Some shops might not have the licenses they require, but that’s not your problem. If you are worried about it, just stick to the high-end places with Japanese masseuses. You can’t go wrong if you can afford it.

Price of a happy ending massage in Tokyo

There is no way to really nail down an exact price of a happy ending massage in Tokyo. It all depends on where you go and what you do. It’s like a cup of coffee. You can get one at a diner for 50 cents. Or you can spend seven dollars on an espresso concoction with whipped cream on top.

The cheapest happy ending massages are going to come from Chinese jack shacks. They normally do thirty minute massages for 3000 Yen. They also have longer services with body showers and such. At the end, you don’t get much of a massage. But you do get a handjob without having to tip any extra.

Erotic massage Tokyo

Japanese-owned Thai places are next in line. They’ll do real massage with handjob happy ending starting at 9000 Yen. If you want special massage services or really long sessions, you will pay more than that. A lot of guys just want to blow and go. But some do want to relax.

The most relaxing services are going to come from luxury massage services. They will have hot Japanese women who do really soothing and skilled massages. They’ll get fully nude and let you roam their body. Then at the end they will get you off either with their hand or their mouth. This the most expensive option. You can pay anywhere from 27,000 to 120,000 Yen depending on how long you want erotic entertainment.

The current exchange rate is 107 Yen for every 1 United States dollar. So that means you can expect to pay anywhere between $28 and $1,122 bucks for a happy ending massage in Tokyo. You can stay on a budget or really splurge. Either way, you will get a body rub followed by penis stimulation to orgasm.

Asian Feeling

Asian Feeling is a popular happy ending massage parlor in Tokyo. It is totally foreigner-friendly too. One reason for that might be that the women working at Asian Feeling are foreigners too. That’s right, all of the staff at Asian Feeling is from Thailand. They’re pretty good looking too. Certainly the Thai chicks at Asian Feeling look better than the Thai women working at most massage parlors back in the land of smiles.

Asian Feeling is on the upper level of a building in Kabukicho. So you take an elevator or stairs to get there. It’s easy to find though with a big sign. When you get to the front desk, you select a massage type. A power massage is 9,000 Yen for 60 minutes. You have to pay in cash. You can either next the next chick in line or select one from a picture for an extra 1,000 Yen.

After you pay, the lady shows up. She takes you to your private room and strips you. Then she takes you to the shower and washes you head-to-toe. Then you go back to the room to get your massage. About half-way through, she’ll start getting erotic. She’ll give you a great hand job with oil until you cum. Then she’ll massage you more and let you take another shower on your own. That’s it. No tipping or anything else. So it’s about $85 dollars American all included.

Tokyo Style Massage

If Asian Feeling is the most popular massage parlor for foreigners, then Tokyo Style is the most popular outcall massage. Really you can hardly compare the two. Asian Feeling isn’t necessarily “cheap,” but it’s pretty inexpensive for Tokyo. Tokyo Style isn’t necessarily expensive, but it is a luxury service.

Tokyo Style only employs actual Japanese women. We aren’t going to say that Japanese women are better than Thai girls or anything like that. But there is a difference. Another difference is that Tokyo Style doesn’t have a parlor. So they send the ladies to your home or hotel room. If you don’t have a place, it’s no problem. They can set you up in one of Tokyo’s many luxurious and unique love hotels. No matter where you are in Tokyo, there’s likely to be one or more of those around.

Tokyo Style Massage

At Tokyo Style, you are going to see some really hot Japanese chicks. They’re tested for STDs every month. They’re going to be really skilled and sexy too. On top of that, they will get totally nude and you can touch them. So it’s a really different experience than a place like Asian Feeling.

Basically the lady you chose will show up. She’ll talk with you then take you to the shower. You’ll both get naked. After she washes all your body, she’ll set up a massage area with soft blankets. She’ll do a nude full body massage with aroma. Then she’ll start touching or licking you depending on what service you order. You can either get a good hand job or a a blow job to completion. They don’t waste time either. You get the full package, but you don’t get sex. So it’s a real happy ending massage. Prices start at 27,000 Yen. But you can spend as much as 120,000 Yen if you want six hours of pleasure.

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