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Guide to lesbian and couples massage in Tokyo


In this guide to lesbian and couples massage in Tokyo we will tell you where to go for an erotic rub down from a sexy Japanese masseuse. Believe it or not but a lot of women are interested in happy ending massage. The same goes for couples who want to spice up their relationships. Luckily Tokyo has some options for both.

Woman on woman massage is a lovely thing. After all, who knows the female body more than another female? Yet the subject of erotic massage for women and by women is somehow taboo. In Japan, erotic massage is actually legal. A woman in Tokyo can go to a fully licensed place and get a full on massage that includes hand manipulation and happy ending from a Japanese woman! Couples can do the same.

erotic massage for couples in japan

We’ve all seen the Japanese porn scenes where couples go in and get unexpected happy endings. Usually they put some kind of sheet between the guy and the chick. Then the masseuses go to work. They try to keep it quiet and secret. At the end they reunite without telling each other what happened. Or the couple gets surprised by horny therapists who just start rubbing their private areas until they get horny and give in.

That all makes for great adult video, but real life is actually even better in this case. That’s because it’s totally possible to get a full on massage as a couple. It’s not the kind of thing you will find while you are walking down the street. Especially if you don’t speak Japanese. But there is a shop that specializes in sensual massage for men, women and couples. Plus some other options too.

Mainstream massage for women and couples

Massage is a popular thing in most of Asia. You can have a variety of massages depending on which country you are in. Some countries like Thailand have their own national style massage.

Then there are the popular techniques like “tui na” in China. In some countries there are massage shops on every corner. Japan specializes in “shiatsu” massage, which is a great stress reliever. As a woman or couple you can walk in to most with no problem.

lesbian massage service in tokyo

While massage is also popular in Japan, the shops aren’t as widespread or “in your face” as some of the more tourist reliant countries. Japan is one of the richest countries in the world. Tokyo is the bustling capital. But don’t let that discourage you. Japanese people love massage, and there are lots of massage services in Tokyo.

If you do happen to encounter a mainstream massage shop on the street you can probably go inside as a woman or couple. If you see some kind of sexy signs with pictures of half naked women, then you probably won’t be able to. The people inside will just say something like, “sorry, no.” But that’s no big deal. Because you can contact a place that specializes in what you need. That place is the well regarded and loved Tokyo Style!

Tokyo style lesbian and couples massage

As we have explained previously, Tokyo Style is the top option for erotic massage in Tokyo. They have a full team of some of the most skilled and attractive women you will ever find. They are experts in high end erotic massage. Starting out in sexy lingerie and stripping down as they go, these women will give you the royal treatment. They undress you, wash you off, give you a thorough full body rub down, then deliver a fantastic happy ending with their hands and mouths. The shop has long been loved by men, but they also serve women and couples too!

If you want to know which of the masseuse will do a woman or couple, all you have to do is browse through the therapists. Each provider has their own stats next to the pictures. Look for the row that says “Available gender”. If it says “-“, that means she only massages men. If it says “Lady OK” then she massages ladies too!

massage for women and couples in tokyo
These three women from Tokyo Style can massage ladies and couples!

It’s the same thing when it comes to couples massage. Look for the row that says “Couple(3P)”. An “X” here means she only massages single people. But if it says “○” then she can work with a man and woman at the same time. So she would be perfect for any couples who want to enjoy an excellent erotic massage together.

The great thing about Tokyo Style is they speak English and love foreigners. In a country where many erotic shops have a “Japanese only” policy, Tokyo Style is different. If you are confused, nervous, or have any questions you can simply reach out to the staff. They use email and a bunch of apps. You send them a question and they will quickly answer back. It’s why they are one of our favorite places in the entire world for erotic massage.

How it works, what it costs

Tokyo Style is a delivery joint. When you set up an appointment with them, they will have a driver bring the lady (or ladies) and her equipment out to meet you. If you are set up in a good hotel or apartment anywhere in the 23 wards of Tokyo, they can service you there.

A lot of people just go to a love hotel instead. You can find love hotels all over Tokyo. They are actually very nice. Some are downright luxurious! The Tokyo Style staff can help you pick one out and even reserve the room. Like we said, they are really great!

lesbian massage japan

The prices all depend on the type of session you want to book. In a Standard Course the therapist diddles you by hand. In a Deluxe Course she uses her mouth. No matter which service you choose you can touch and lick on the therapists tits. You can’t lick their pussies or have full sex though. This isn’t that kind of place. At Tokyo Style you just lay back and they treat you like a king and/or queen. It’s really great!

The cheapest course for one person is a 75 minute Standard Course for 27,000 Yen. At the top end you can get a truly mind blowing 180 minute Deluxe Course for 58,000 Yen. Keep in mind that this is Japan. So you don’t have to tip at all! The therapists are paid well. They don’t ask for a tip at all. They just provide some of the best sensual massage service you can find anywhere.

lesbian friendly massage in tokyo

When you meet the therapist she gets to know you a little before letting you take off her clothes. They all wear lacy lingerie which makes that part great. Next the therapist undresses you. Then she takes you over to the bathing area and washes you off. It could be with soap or special gel if you get a better course. They don’t just scrub you either. It’s really erotic the way they wash your entire body.

After washing they move to the bed. A bunch of big fluffy towels are used to keep you warm while parts of your naked body are gently rubbed with slippery gel. Aromatherapy fills the air with wonderful scents while your troubles are pushed and pulled away.

Finally they take off their bras and break out their boobs. They then massage your back, ass and everything else with their slippery tits before asking you to turn over. That’s where the real fun happens. The happy endings here are not rushed. They really take their time and do it well. The ladies at Tokyo Style can work you better than you can do yourself. It’s really amazing. So what are you waiting for? Whether you are a single woman or a male and female couple you owe it yourself to enjoy Tokyo at its best. Tokyo Style is exactly that!

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