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Our review of AYA Nuru and Soapy Massage in Bangkok


When it comes to getting a nuru or soapy massage in Bangkok, AYA Massage is one of the best places to visit. AYA stands head and shoulders above the competition. They say not to judge a book by its cover but in this case that is not true. Based on appearance alone you can tell that AYA Massage is a truly superior erotic massage shop in Bangkok.

Imagine stepping into something like the Taj Mahal to get a full service body-to-body massage. That will give you a sense of what to expect when you visit AYA Massage. You pass through an arched doorway that leads into one of the best looking sensual shops in the city. Or anywhere else really. We’re talking about a luxurious venue with intricately laid tile where you can get intimate with beautiful and sexy women. How amazing is that?

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There are so many places to get a Bangkok happy ending massage. Unfortunately it’s all hit or miss. There are a lot of real dumps out there. Then you get all the amateurs who might just tug on your ding dong for a tip if you’re lucky. But why bother with that when you can go right to the erotic massage pros at AYA Massage? There you get a gorgeous Thai lady to satisfy you in some of the best looking rooms in town!

AYA is laid out like a Moroccan fantasy land. There are inlaid arches in the walls, beautifully designs decor, big soft beds, walk-in showers, jetted Jacuzzi tubs and more to feast your eyes on. That’s if you can pull your eyes away from the fully nude Thai chicks who are rubbing you down and getting you off. It’s truly something to experience.

AYA massage information

AYA Massage has an easy to find location in the heart of Bangkok. The shop is just off of Sukhumvit Road on Soi 23. That’s near to Soi Cowboy which is one of the most famous red light areas in the city. It’s also close to lots of well known landmarks like Terminal 21 shopping mall and the Asoke intersection.

You can travel to this area by foot, BTS train, MRT train, bus, taxi or motorcycle taxi. To reach AYA massage you go up Soi 23 from Sukhumvit Road and take the first right hand turn. Once you pass the Chunky Hamburger shop you will see AYA right there on the corner. You can’t miss it!

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AYA Massage is open every single day from Noon until Midnight. That’s 12:00 to 24:00 for those of you keeping military time. In layman’s terms this means you have 12 hours a day to enjoy one of the best sensual massages you will find anywhere in Thailand. Beware that the place can get busy. You can walk in and get service for sure. But we like to contact the shop ahead of time when we’re looking for a specific lady. Either way you can’t go wrong.

Thankfully it’s really easy to get in touch with AYA over the Line app. Line is the most used chat app in Thailand. Pretty much everyone there has it. You can download the app for free then just add the ID @ayamassagebkk. You can also call the shop directly at +66 02-007-0077.

Erotic massage in Bangkok

What exactly is a Bangkok erotic massage? That’s like asking “how long is a piece of string?” There are lots of different options in Thailand’s capital. On Sukhumvit Road alone you can find mainstream massage, Thai massage, oil massage, soapy massage, porn star experience massage, gay massage, ladyboy massage and more. AYA Massage specializes in the top of the line luxury erotic massage from real Thai women. This includes mutual soapy body washing and Japanese-style nuru massage.

There are different sensual massage options at AYA. You can go for a quick relief session, a luxurious longer session in a VIP room, a full service nuru massage or even an intimate couples massage. All you have to do is select one of the options here and you’re off to the races.

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AYA employs more than 20 very sexy and skilled Thai women who have mastered erotic massage. The women are great to look at and even better to feel in the flesh. Whether you like them petite and pretty or sultry with big boobs you can find a lady to meet your needs.

You can even take two ladies for one of the famous “4 hand massage” sessions that Thailand is known for. There’s nothing quite like being attended to by two wet Thai women in their twenties. It’s the kind of thing men dream about. Yet it’s available in real life at AYA.

Bangkok Soapy & Nuru Massage

What does a luxury soapy and nuru massage cost in Bangkok? Well, it depends on the place. You don’t always get what you pay for either. Some places charge too much but offer too little. AYA is a place where the prices are low but the service is fantastic! Honestly, where else are you going to get a real nuru massage with authentic Japanese nuru gel for just 3000 Baht?

The truth is that you can’t even have a nuru massage in most cities on earth. So the mere opportunity to get a body to body slide is already amazing. When you consider how inexpensive it can be for this luxury treatment it’s almost mind blowing. Especially for guys coming from other countries. The exchange rates are decent so you get real bang for your buck. At AYA you can take that literally!

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AYA massage has lots of other erotic massage options too. You can get a basic 40 minute massage for just 2000 Baht. Upgrade to a beautiful Jacuzzi room and really enhance your experience with a one hour session that costs only 3500 Baht. The Ultra VIP room is really gorgeous and something worth splurging on. You can get an hour with two girls in that room for 6500 Baht. No tipping required!

This place even takes care of couples. So if you are one of the lucky guys who has an adventurous wife or girlfriend you can bring her to AYA for an unforgettable erotic massage experience. Can you envision seeing your lady’s body glisten with slippery nuru gel as a buck naked Thai babe slides all over her? What a way to cum together! Even that only costs 5000 Baht for an hour here. So the prices are definitely good.

Happy ending in Bangkok

As we say, this is an excellent nuru and soapy massage parlor. It’s not just another place to stop in for a quick handie and move on. You get a full experience here, and the surroundings are even a part of that. So what happens when you book a session at AYA Massage?

When you enter you’re greeted by the mamasan. This place has one of the more attentive female managers we’ve found anywhere. She explains the various courses and allows you to chose one. Then she’ll bring out all the available women and have them line up. So you can select your lady, the length of the massage, and the type of the massage. It’s all customized to your tastes.

jacuzzi erotic massage bangkok

After you choose a lady, she will guide you through the masterful interior into one of the private rooms. There you get through the small talk and undress. Your lady will wash every part of your body before cleaning herself. Then she’ll break out the slippery gel for a body-to-body massage experience that is true to the name.

Of course that massage is done “erotic style” which means there is plenty of mutual touching, groping, kissing and licking. You can expect to get sucked off and ridden as your body parts slide against each other and intertwine. It’s a really sensual experience that any guy with a heart beat would love.

There are many places to get a sexual massage in Bangkok. We’ve tried most of them. Some are good. Others are average. A few are even bad. Then there are the truly great places. AYA Massage is on the short list of top erotic massage spas in Bangkok. That’s why it’s one of our favorite places.

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