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All about streetwalkers in Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai is a leafy mountain city with a reputation as a cheap and laid-back place. A lot of digital nomads and hippy backpacker types set up shop there. So, Chiang Mai isn’t exactly the place you might expect to find a hoe stroll. The fact is, there are streetwalkers in Chiang Mai. They won’t be obvious to everyone, but they are around.

In this guide to streetwalkers in Chiang Mai, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about street hookers in the city. You will find out where they stroll, what they are like, and how much they charge for sex. If you’re too scared or skittish to mess with streetwalkers. We’ll also tell you about some alternatives.

Streetwalkers in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai isn’t exactly crawling with streetwalkers, but they can be found. You will see them in three main places. All three areas are near the Tha Phae Gate. If you read our guide on getting to Chiang Mai, you already know that we recommend staying around Tha Phae anyway. So you should already be in a good area for picking up hookers.

The first area you will see street hookers in Chiang Mai is Loi Kroh Road. This road is filled with girlie bars and massage parlors. After midnight, these places slow down or close. That’s when the streetwalkers come out. The problem is that most of them are ladyboys. If you are into ladyboys, you’re in luck. If you’re not into chicks with dicks, you’ll want to avoid this area late at night as they can get aggressive.

Streetwalkers in Chiang Mai

The second place you see streetwalkers is along the moat just north of Tha Phae Gate and the M-Hotel. Once the sun goes down some freelance prostitutes will stand or sit on the benches along the moat here. Don’t confuse the streetwalkers with regular people who might just be hanging out. Some ladyboys might be mixed in, but most of the hookers in the are are real women.

The last and final place you can find streetwalkers in Chiang Mai is Chaiyapoom Road north of the intersection with Loi Kroh Road. There aren’t a ton of streetwalkers in this area, but you will often see a few especially around the Amora Thapae Hotel. Keep in mind that ladyboys are very common on this stroll. You’ll have to keep your eyes open.

Price of sex from Streetwalkers in Chiang Mai

By definition, streetwalkers are free operators. They charge whatever they want or what the market can bear. There aren’t really any “set prices” for streetwalkers. That said, there are more or less standard rates that are set by the local market. Prices can go above or below these prices when other things are factored in. For example, it is common for newbies or foreigners to be overcharged.

The Chiang Mai streetwalkers don’t ask as much as the Beach Road prostitutes in Pattaya. Probably that is because they usually work with local customers. If they see a foreigner customer, they might ask for more.

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The truth is that most street prostitutes in Chiang Mai will have sex for less than 1,000 Baht. Most will still do it for 500 Baht. If you only want a blowjob you might be even to get it for even less than that. At the current exchange rates, that means you will pay less than $30 for sex. You’ll probably pay half that.

Of course, you need to have a place to do it. Some streetwalkers will work right in a car. Others will want to go to a room or some sort of private place. There are many short time hotels in Chiang Mai. Some will let you pull right in and go straight to a room without even seeing the staff.

If you don’t have a car or motorbike, your options are more limited. Still, there are many short time hotels that can be reached on foot. Chiang Mai old city is a pretty walkable place, assuming you want to walk around with a hooker and she wants to walk around with you.

Alternatives to Chiang Mai street prostitutes

If you don’t want to spend your time searching around for prostitutes in Chiang Mai, we understand. It’s not necessarily the most fruitful activity an adult man can do. Thankfully, there are a lot of alternatives to street hookers in Chiang Mai. The city is bursting with women who are available for sex.

Your best bet is going to be to search through the many profiles on Thai Friendly. There are thousands of women on the site from Chiang Mai. There are also visitors from other cities that come to Chiang Mai. It’s really the best site to meet Thai women. Whether you are looking for a girlfriend, a hookup or even a gold digger in search of some quick baht, Thai Friendly is a great choice.

If that’s not your thing you can always go check out the clubs where freelance and part time prostitutes are known to congregate. Chiang Mai isn’t a huge city, so that means you will mainly want to be looking at Zoe In Yellow. It’s common to find freelancers there at night. They will ask for 1000 or 2000 Baht for a night of sex. If you’re lucky, you might even score a freebie.

There are also a lot of various shops in Chiang Mai offering erotic massage or similar. Prices range from 500 Baht up to 5000 Baht. We will be writing more about those as time goes on. The number of options is truly high in Chiang Mai. You can find all kinds of women there, no matter what you look like.

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