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Where to get an STD test in Phnom Penh


Cambodia is developing rapidly and becoming more popular with travelers. Phnom Penh is the gateway city to Cambodia for most people. There are a lot of prostitutes in Phnom Penh. Plus people are hooking up now more than ever. It is expected that many guys want to know where to get an STD test in Phnom Penh.

It’s not like you are going to see STD testing clinics all over the place when you are strolling around though. That’s why we made this guide to STD testing in Phnom Penh. We’re going to tell you everything you need to know about getting tested and treated for STDs in Phnom Penh.

STDs in Phnom Penh

We don’t want to give you the idea that all Cambodian women are dirty. That’s not the case. Khmer girls are conservative. Most don’t even have sex before marriage. You probably won’t be meeting those good girls though. Chances are you will be meeting with casual hook-ups or hookers. That’s more high risk.

HIV has been on the decline for years in Cambodia. The HIV and AIDS rate in Cambodia is 0.06 percent. The HIV/AIDS prevalence rate in Thailand is almost twice as high. But that doesn’t mean there is no HIV in Cambodia. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get HIV in Phnom Penh either. Phnom Penh is the center of the country. Everything goes through there. It is probably the most likely place to get an STD in Cambodia.

There are also resistant strains of STDs in Southeast Asia. That’s why you should buy condoms in Phnom Penh or bring your own along.

Where to get an STD test in Phnom Penh

What if you didn’t use a condom? Or if you just want a routine STD test for peace of mind. You have a lot of options in Phnom Penh. Some are better than others. Some cost more but aren’t really any better. You could ask around for recommendations, but that is awkward. You could just wander into the first clinic you see, but you never know what you will get.

Your best bet is to go to a trusted physician so you can get a high level of treatment. You don’t want to be second guessing your STD status. And if you do end up with a case of drippy dick, you want to make sure you get treatment that is actually effective.

Some of the most well regarded places for STD testing and treatment in Phnom Penh are:

These aren’t the only places in town to get tested for sexually transmitted infections. But they are some of the most trusted. Expats usually go to these places. Some have their own doctors that they like. Use your own discretion when choosing a doctor. Make sure they are actually licensed doctors!

If you want to spend more money, you could also go to the shinny new Royal Phnom Penh Hospital on Russian Boulevard. It looks nicer than any other clinic in the city, but we don’t know that the standard of care is any higher. Some of the doctors don’t speak English. You probably want a doctor that speaks your language. It makes things much easier.

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