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Our review of Hunny Bunny BKK in Bangkok


Hunny Bunny BKK is a hot massage parlor in Bangkok. This place is like a dream come true. It offers happy ending massage on up to full service in a sort of guy’s fantasy land.

Now there are a ton of massage parlors in Bangkok. The most common joints are the traditional massage parlors with old grannies in uniform rubbing stinky tourist feet. Some of those kindly old grandmothers will discreetly beat a guy’s meat if the price is right. But they aren’t set up for pure sensual pleasure.

There are of course a lot of erotic massage parlors in Bangkok too. But they are definitely not all the same! Most places are just generic blow and go sorts of locations. Yet a select few are specialized in certain things.

Hunny Bunny BKK is one of the better places around Bangkok. It does offer classic services. But it goes the extra step by offering things like specialized theme rooms, costumes, and even some fantasy options.

What is Hunny Bunny BKK like?

Hunny Bunny BKK was set up specifically with guys in mind. Right from the beginning the place just looks awesome! Their storefront is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 next to the Hoja Taiwanese restaurant. Inside everything is painted red and black. They also have some really sweet sofas that we want here in the Guys Info Hub offices! Now that doesn’t really matter much. But it does set the stage for the rest of the place.

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The rooms are even better. The standard room is nice and clean. But the extra special rooms are awesome! They have some super cool jazuccis with clear glass doors on them. So you can see whoever is in the water while they bathe! On top of that they have a genie themed room that really wants to make you rub your bottle! Then have a dark black dungeon room complete with shackles, whips, and other wild stuff hanging on the walls!

What about the chicks? That is obviously what is going to matter most to many guys. Well we can say in all seriousness that Hunny Bunny BKK has some super hot ladies! There’s a nice mix too. They have some really cute all natural girl next door types. Then they have the hardcore professionals with inflated boobage who look like they even teach us a thing or two! Especially down in the dungeon.

How much does it cost?

With a variety of hot chicks doing erotic massage in truly special surroundings, you might expect a place like this to charge an arm and a leg. The simple fact of the matter is that they don’t! Hunny Bunny BKK has really reasonable rates comparative to what they offer.

A 60 minute happy ending massage with 1 of the Hunny Bunnies is just 1700 Baht. A 40 minute full service massage with a bunny is 1900. For more time or use of the specialized rooms the prices do go up a bit.

hunny bunny bkk prices

For example, a 60 minute full service massage from one chick in a VIP room is 2500 Baht. The same massage from two chicks costs 4800 Baht. A 1 hour nuru massage is 2600 Baht. One hour of fantasy massage from a costumed bunny in a themed room is 3500 Baht.

Obviously these prices are not going to break the bank! They are totally fair in our view and they only make the place even better. We are big fans of Hunny Bunny BKK.

If you want more information about this amazing place take a look at the Hunny Bunny BKK website which has all the information, pictures of the chicks, a map of the location, and contact information.

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