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Sex in Sosua: A guide to getting laid


The Dominican Republic is just a short flight from most of America. It’s far from Europe but draws people from there too. There are beautiful beaches but also beautiful babes. Sosua is known for its women. There has been an effort to turn the northern beach town into a family destination. The truth is that most men headed to the north coast are looking for sex in Sosua. It is just that simple.

So we made this guide to getting laid in Sosua for guys who will be heading there. If you want to know all the options for finding sex in Sosua read on. We lay it all out for you in plain and simple terms. You won’t have many questions after you get through this.

Sex in Sosua

It’s very easy to get sex in Sosua. The town is filled with prostitutes from all over the country. There are even prostitutes from the neighboring country Haiti. When there are horny foreign guys with money, women will come. It’s just the way things are.

Puta Dominicana en Sosua

Most women in Sosua who will have sex with you are looking for payment. Even if they don’t come right out and say it, that is the reality. When the morning rolls around and your quick pickup starts looking for a gift, don’t be surprised. You can meet some “regular girls” in Sosua, but for the most part it is filled with freelancers.

Dominican girls are famous for having big butts. That’s a stereotype across Latin America. It’s not always true. There are skinny girls in the DR. There are fat girls with no ass too. Generally though you are going to see a lot of brown and black skinned girls with curves. Sex is done dancing style with lots of doggy style and twerking. If you’re into aggressive sport still sex and big brown backsides, you’ll love it. Check out Toticos for a look at what you’re in for.

Clubs in Sosua

Clubs provide you with your best chance at meeting women in Sosua. There are no shopping malls or anything like, so day game is pretty much impossible. If you go to the clubs at night you will be surrounded by women, and a lot of guys too. Remember though that almost all the women are going to be hookers. They’re looking for money even if they act like they’re into you. If you want to meet regular girls, you better stick to hitting on the waitresses and bartenders. They get a lot of attention though, so you’ll have to put in work.

There aren’t many nightclubs in Sosua in absolute terms. In relative terms there are a lot. Remember that Sosua is a very small town. Even a handful of clubs stands out in such a small scene. Some of the most popular clubs in Sosua are:

All of these clubs are popular. You’ll never be the only guy inside. It’s easy to meet women too. Since they want to get paid they are not going to reject you unless something is really wrong. All you have to do is approach and say “hola.” The women will probably agree to have sex with you. They’ll be expecting 1500 to 4000 Dominican Pesos in return. The price depends on your negotiation skills and how long you want them to stay with you.

If you don’t speak Spanish you will have to deal with a language barrier. Most Sosua prostitutes can speak basic English, but don’t expect any meaningful conversations. No one goes to Sosua to discuss Spinoza. Besides, you can barely hear anything over the music.

Sosua street hookers

Most of the prostitution and interaction between foreign men and Dominican women goes down in the streets. After dark the main Pedro Clisante drag turns into a virtual party. You can see all kinds of girls there. Of course that means there are a lot of guys there too.

There used to be a lot of brothels in Sosua but the government shut them down. They wanted to turn Sosua into a friendly family resort. What they really did was drive all the hookers into the streets. Sosua’s main roads are now crawling with them every night.

All you have to do is hang out in the street or the many bars there. You will be approached by lots of women. You can also approach any lady you like. The conversation is quick and easy. Everyone knows why they are in Sosua. It’s no secret. Streetwalkers in Sosua want 1,000 to 2,000 Pesos for sex.

Dating sites and apps

If you’re not up for sex with prostitutes, you will want to make a Dominican girlfriend. Even if you don’t mind some pay-for-play on the side you still probably want to make a real connection with a local woman. Why not? Dominican women are warm and super sexy. They don’t have a reputation for being hard to deal with like women in Colombia either. Dominicans are a good choice for any guy who wants to settle down.

Dating sites give you the best chance to get a Dominican girlfriend. If you are in Sosua you are not going to have many other chances. You can hit on waitresses and maybe the cashier at the grocery store, but that’s about it. Most other women you encounter are going to be on the job.

Luckily there are dating sites set up specifically for meeting Latinas. Since Dominicanas are Latinas, we highly recommend that you join a Latino dating site before you travel to the DR. You can easily meet lots of women from all over the country.

Tinder and most of the other sites don’t really work in Sosua. If you do end up finding a match on those sites chances are you’ll just end up talking to the same sex workers you’ll see in the streets and clubs at night. In our view it’s not worth the time and effort.

Get a Dominican girlfriend

If you’re looking for a real girlfriend you don’t have to limit yourself to Sosua. The DR is a small and compact country. You can get to any part of the Dominican Republic in a few hours. Or you can just send for the girls you meet online at Latin Love to come visit you. If you’re staying in Sosua they’ll probably get the hint that you’re a guy who likes to have fun.

The Dominican Republic is a traditional Catholic country but a lot of women are up for fun. If you think that having a Catholic majority means there is no sex or naughtiness going on, just have a look at the Philippines. That place is solidly Catholic but it’s one of the easiest places to have sex in the world. The truth is that everyone is horny. It’s in our makeup!

Plus, the Catholic viewpoint means the women are mighty likely to be faithful. If you find a good Dominican girlfriend she is going to want to stay with you. You won’t have to worry as much about her running around behind your back.

Some of these women are even going to be looking for marriage. If you hitch up with a Dominican she is going to stay with you. Divorce is a big no no for Catholic people who actually follow their religion. Premarital sex seems to be a lot more permissible in many people’s eyes than breaking up a marriage. Especially once any children get involved. So it’s a good place to look to start a family.

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