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Best cities for sex in the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is a popular place for tourists. A lot of them never leave the closed resorts. But others want to look around. There are a surprising number of medium to large size cities in the DR. It is only natural that guys want to know the best cities for sex in the Dominican Republic. That’s why we made this list!

In this guide for guys, we are going to break down the best cities in the DR for sex. We’ll list each one, tell you where it is located, and explain why it is such a good place to get busy. We’ll also give you a general idea of the scene. That of course includes the types and costs of prostitutes in each place, as well as your chances for dating “regular girls.”

Best cities for sex in Dominican Republic

Dominican women can be really hot. One look at the Toticos Dominican porn site will show you that. Dominicanas can be as white as a European or as black as an African. There are all kinds of difference in the population. One constant though is that Dominicans tend to have nice round asses and tits. No matter where you go, that is what you will find. Maybe it is something in the water.

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In general, Dominicans are pretty friendly people. They are open to meeting people from around the world. The women can be shy in some areas though. Yet in other parts of the country where they are used to seeing foreigners, they can be incredibly open. One extreme would be rural girls who turn away from you. The other would women twirking in the streets of Sosua. It depends where you go.

In no particular order, here is our list of the four best cities in the Dominican Republic for sex:

  1. Boca Chica
  2. Santo Domingo
  3. Santiago
  4. Sosa

Below, we will explain why each of these cities in on the list. We didn’t just pull these cities from a map of course. There are very real reasons why each of these places is tops for finding sex in the DR. At the same time, each city is unique with its own character and feel. Some places are better for hookups and dating. Others are better spots to find hookers, as you will come to see.

Boca Chica

If you can speak Spanish, then you already know that Boca Chica literally means “girl mouth.” Unfortunately, the town wasn’t named like that because it is a great place to get a blowjob. We don’t really know where the name comes from to be frank. But we can say that Boca Chica is one of the easiest places in the DR to get sex.

Boca Chica is a little beach town on the southern coast. It’s not the best beach in the world, but it’s there. And there are lots of women on the beach selling sex. That means a lot of freelance prostitutes gather on Boca Chica beach every day. They’re looking for foreign guys to have sex with at about 1000 Pesos a pop. Other than the freelancers, choices are pretty limited though. There are some regular women around, but you have a better shot at those in other areas.

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo in the capital of the Dominican Republic. It is also the biggest city in the country. That means in terms of sheer numbers, you have the best chance of meeting women in Santo Domingo. There are all kinds of ladies there. You have the light skin high-society set with lots of money and power all the way down to the dark skin Haitian immigrants that are at the bottom of the social ladder. If you play your cards right, you can have sex with women from any of these groups.

Dating is the main way to go in Santo Domingo. You can even do regular hookups if you have a little bit of game and Spanish skill under your belt. It’s not hard at all, but it might be too much effort for some. That’s why there is also a lot of prostitution in Santo Domingo. Hooking is not always as obvious in the capital as it is in Boca Chica and Sosua, but it’s definitely there. You can find escorts, online freelancers, and plenty of brothels. You’ll pay 1000 Pesos up to 5000 Pesos or more for sex, depending on the kind of hooker you choose. Just be aware that this place comes with the normal big city problems like crime, traffic, and pollution.


Santiago is the second biggest city in the country. It has a much more laid back feel to it. It tends to have more light skin people too. Supposedly this is a result of Spanish people settling there. Whatever the case, the fact is that you will see more people will light skin in Santiago. But you will definitely still find some darker skinned people too. The DR has that kind of mix wherever you go.

We think Santiago is a great place to spend some time. It is also a fantastic place to date women if you can invest a little energy. First night hook ups aren’t as easy in Santiago as the capital though. So if you only have a day or two, you are going to be limited. There is plenty of prostitution in Santiago that takes places in strip clubs, hotel brothels, and even car washes. Foreigners can’t always find the stuff, but the internet and even local taxi drivers know the score. You’ll pay an average of 1500 to 4000 Pesos for sex in Santiago.


Sosua is a small beach town on the north coast that is world famous for sex. The beach is okay, but truthfully a lot of people travel to Sosua solely to meet Dominican and Haitian prostitutes there. If you have read our guide on finding sex in Sosua, then you already know it is freely available. The average rate for a blowjob and vaginal sex is 1000 Pesos if you meet a girl in the street. From there it goes up, but the prices are never outrageous. You can also date regular girls from the area. It’s not that hard if you use some of the big dating sites.

Another interesting thing about the Sosua area is that it is home to at least two sex clubs. Guys and couples can check into those clubs and have sex with women as they please. There are set prices for this that range from the inexpensive to the costly. To our knowledge, these are the only sex clubs in the entire country. They help explain why Sosua is generally recognized as the best place to get sex in the Dominican Republic.

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