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Sex clubs in the Dominican Republic


The Dominican Republic is an island close to America with lots of beautiful beaches and babes. A lot of guys go there. Many of them are interested in having sex with Dominican Women. As you can see in the photo above, their brown skin and round asses are attractive. So no surprise there. Finding women can be as difficult as you want it to be. If you don’t want to deal with booking your hotel, finding your meals, and locating women in the streets, you might want to stay in a closed sex club.

In this guide to sex clubs in the Dominican Republic, we are going to tell you everything you need to know about these “adult resorts.” We’ll tell you how to located the sex clubs, and also what to expect inside. We’ll give the lowdown on prices for sex too. Finally, we’ll tell you about some less expensive alternatives.

Sex clubs in the Dominican Republic

Not so many years ago, there were a lot of sex clubs in the Dominican Republic. The places in Sosua ran into trouble when there was a big anti-prostitution sweep there. But the places out of town that mind their own business were left alone. We don’t know the full details on this. We can tell you about the sex clubs that are open today.

At this point, there are only really two sex clubs in the Dominican Republic. They are:

  1. Blackbeards Adult Resort (Costambar)
  2. Blue Paradise (Cabarette)

Prostitution appears to actually be legal in the Dominican Republic. On the other hand, pimping and running a brothel is not. We don’t know how the sex clubs in the Dominican Republic get around that. We guess they don’t employ the women directly. So then, the women are independent contractors who officially have nothing to do with the clubs. Whatever the case may be, these sex clubs have been around for years and they are popular with a certain set of guys.

Blackbeards Adult Resort

Blackbeards Adult Resort is an original sex club in the Dominican Republic. It is located off the main road in the Costambar Beach area. This is inside of Puerto Plata. So you can easily get to the place from the Puerto Plata Airport.

A stay at Blackbeards is charged by the cost of your room. A regular room starts at $55 US dollars per night. There is a bar and a restaurant inside the resort that you can use. The beach is a short walk across the street. The rooms have everything you would expect like air conditioning and clean showers.

Of course there are a lot of Dominican women at Blackbeards too. They hang out in the club looking for customers. They can be really sexy, but of course a few are going to be average. If you have seen the Dominican Porn videos at Toticos, you will know what to expect.

If you want to have sex with any of the women, you have to pay them directly. Blackbeards has nothing to do what that part of the transaction. The going rate for a blowjob and full sex with a condom at Blackbeards is 1800 Dominican Pesos. For an overnight stay with sex, the going price is 3600 Pesos.

Although the women don’t work for Blackbeards, the club keeps an eye on them. Blackbeards makes sure all the women inside are legal adults. It also controls who comes in and out of the resort. If a woman causes problems with a customer, she is banned from the place. It is a sort of security feature for the guests.

Blue Paradise

Blue Paradise is a kind of up-scale sex club in the Cabarette area. This is also a short ride from Sosua. But it is in the other direction. So if you’re coming from Puerto Plata airport or Santiago, you will have a slightly longer ride to get there. The whole island is small though. You’re never going to be spending a whole day in a car or bus.

Unlike Blackbeards, Blue Paradise is actually a beachfront property. So you walk out of your room and you’re right on the beach. Another thing that makes it different is that Blue Paradise is all-inclusive. So you don’t have to spend money on drinks or food. It’s all included in your stay. They even include sex in the cost of the stay.

The rooms are really nice, but we don’t know if anyone really goes there for that. The women are the main draw. They look as good or better than the women at Blackbeards. Depending on the package you take, you can sleep with one or more of them every day. You get coupons that you hand to the girls when you want to do them.

Blue Paradise costs a heck of a lot more than Blackbeards. You’re looking at an expense of at least $1055 per night. With a minimum stay of three days, that means you are going to spend $3165 or more to stay at Blue Paradise. That doesn’t even include your flight to the Dominican Republic. It is definitely not cheap!

Are Dominican sex clubs worth it?

For sure, these sex clubs are pretty expensive places to visit. They are inclusive types of vacation villages though. Even a regular all-inclusive vacation package to the DR is going to cost you some coin. When you throw in an abundance of women who have sex for money, the cost can only increase.

At Blue Paradise you pay one set fee and you don’t have to worry much more after that. At Blackbeards you book your room then pay for everything else. Blackbeards is still going to be the cheaper option though. Because the rates are just so much lower.

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If money is your concern though, you would do better to just stay at a guest friendly hotel like the Seabreeze Hotel right in Sosua. Then you can find lots of women for cheap sex as explained in our guide to sex in Sosua. If you go that route, you’re only going to pay 1000 to 2000 Pesos for sex. At current exchange rates, that’s just about $20 to $40 in US currency. It’s the cheaper way to go.

Cheapest of all would be to set up an account on one of the Latino dating sites like Latin Love. Start chatting to the chicks there now and set up some dates for when you arrive in the Dominican Republic. The DR is a sexual place and you’re sure to score with at least some of the women, unless you really manage to foul things up. In that case, you won’t be out any more money than the cost of your meals and hotel. There are a lot of options!

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